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Interested in booking a divination service or receiving personal one on one guidance? Check out the service descriptions below to find out more and click here when you’re ready to book an appointment!

TAROT READINGS: (each reading comes with a complimentary Advice Card which will be revealed at the end of the reading)

  • 2 Card Reading: Used for sorting out simple matters and great for trying to find out consequences to actions or decisions.  (20 min)
  • 3 Card Reading: Wanting to get a wider understanding of your situation? This 3 card reading will allow you to look at the influences of the past, present, and future.  (30 min)
  • 5 Card Reading: For those who are wanting a bit more guidance than normal in a very muddled situation or facing an extremely difficult choice. This spread will be more in depth to help you better understand what you have coming your way or what may be blocking you. A 5 Card Spread comes with a complimentary written description, sent via email, of the cards in their positions during the reading. (Advice Card not included in written description) (45 min)
  • 10 Card Reading: A Full-Length spread that gives you a complete sense of awareness in both past and present influences as well as potential events in life. A 10 Card Reading comes with the usual complimentary written description, via email, and a Tri-Card Advice spread that will be included complimentary, inside the written description of your reading.  (1hr 30 min)


  • Triple Rune Reading: 3 Runes will be pulled to give you a quick glance at past, present, and future influences and help you make better decisions or answer any specific questions.  (30 min)
  • Odin’s Spread: This reading is 9 runes in total, the number of Odin and completion in Numerology. This reading will give you the opportunity to get a more in-depth look at your situation when things are most confusing and your world seems upside down.  This reading will also include a written description sent via email. (1hr)

GEMSTONE CASTINGS: A gemstone reading where precious gems are pulled from a satchel to help you better understand the energies that surround you and the energetic state of your physical body and spirit. (each reading comes with a gemstone prescription)

  • Gemstone Casting I: A 30 min simple gemstone reading to help understand the energies surrounding you and what energies you can pull on to assist you at this time. 
  • Gemstone Casting II: A 45 min gemstone reading to allow you to get better acquainted with the stones as well as your own needs. Any additional questions that need answering can be answered in this time frame. 
  • Gemstone Casting III: When one session just isn’t enough and you still have more questions? Here 2, 45 min Gemstone Castings are booked at your preference to help you gain even better clarity when needed. This gemstone casting series offers a free gemstone at the end of the second reading. (gemstones may vary from reading stones, must pay s&h) 

GUIDED MEDITATION: Each meditation comes with a personalized mantra at the beginning of the meditation. Please allow at least 5-10 min of discussion prior to meditation so that I can properly assess your needs (this will not be taken from your meditation time).

  • Guided Meditation I: 20 min session. A quick meditation to help pep you up and get you rebalanced so that you can continue on with your day. 
  • Guided Meditation II: 30 min session. A mild meditation that allows you to feel rested and as well focused for the rest of your day. 
  • Guided Meditation III: 45 min session. A deep meditation that focuses on the personal mantra and includes a personalized affirmation which allows you to get all of the benefits of a full meditative process. 
  • Guided Meditation IV:
    • 2- 45 min sessions. These sessions that can be booked at your preference.
    • 1- A created digital image of your personalized mantras and affirmations will be sent to you via email for you to reflect on in the future. (please allow 24hrs post session for image to be processed)

Boss’d Up Soul Sessions, Intuitive Life Guidance & Healing (B.U.S.S.): When you need to B.U.S.S. it wide open and make them big changes! A mix of spiritual and physical realm practices to help guide you throughout the different stages of your life. Each session is customized to suit your actual needs at present, therefore methods will vary with each appointment. At the end of each session, you will be given a personal affirmation to help continue your progress throughout your journey. (Please note that the meditation/readings will take place during the actual session and cannot be booked as a separate service. )

  • B.U.S.S. I: A 30 min guidance session that includes a Single Card Tarot or Single Rune Reading to help guide you to your next step. 
  • B.U.S.S. II: A 45 min guidance session that includes a 15 min Guided Meditation. 
  • B.U.S.S. III: A 1-hour guidance session that includes a  2 Card Tarot or a Triple Rune Reading
  • B.U.S.S. IV: 2, 1-hour coaching sessions, 2 Card Tarot Reading and 15 min Guided Meditation in each session.

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS: Wanting something a little more regular and hands on? Decided it’s time to jumpstart your progress in life and reclaim your abundant energy? Check out these monthly subscriptions, each one offers you 2 Boss Up Snatched Sessions and a Divination Reading of your choice, complete with personal assignments that must be done before the next session. Each Boss Up Snatched Session is audio recorded and emailed to you at the end in order for you to be able to reflect on what was learned and revealed during each session. Best of all each service is booked by you so everything works within your schedule. (Sessions/Services must be booked within exactly 30 days of purchase. Limit 2 Services/week)

  • Bossin 101:  Once a month you’ll receive your dose of Bossin 101 with: 
    • 2- Boss’d Up Soul Sessions (B.U.S.S. I & II)
    • Choice of Divination Readings of either 3 Card Tarot or Triple Rune Reading. 
    • 1- Personalized Pre-recorded Guided Meditation I, to use throughout the month and in between sessions.
  • Boss Up Lil Witch University: This monthly subscription has it all with:
    • 2- Boss’d Up Soul Sessions (B.U.S.S. III)
    • 1- Gemstone Casting I
    • Choice of Divination Readings options of either 10 Card Tarot or Odin’s Reading, each divination session will include a written description via email. 
    • 1- Personalized Pre-recorded Guided Meditation II, to use throughout the month and in between sessions.


All sessions and services currently hosted online via Skype, FaceTime or Snapchat.

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