Tha Witch’s Weekly Monday 11/26-12/2

Hold onto your broomstick witches because it’s going to be a bumpy ride! The word turbulence comes to mind but the key is to stay positive. There are some highs and lows this week and some obvious ebb and flow of physical energy but it’s all part of the grand design. Although at first, it will feel more like anything can and will go wrong. The energy of this week calls for patience, acceptance, and strength.

Monday: Page of Wands Reversed

Keywords: Bad news, indecisive, hesitation, suspicion, low energy, lack of trust

Mood OTD: Please God no! It’s only Monday!🥵🤬

 Mondays are never easy but this one, in particular, will not be the easiest of Mondays. There could be an event that puts a bad taste in your mouth, like an argument or petty squabbling. It can also indicate that potentially bad news is coming your way which will take the wind out of your sails. This energy could make you feel out of balance and even make you suspicious of others which will lead you to mistrust the people around you. You’re not sure what’s going on and you can’t put your finger on it but you know that something doesn’t feel right. This energy may leave you feeling quite indecisive about your plans either for the day or for the future in general. Perhaps it’s because you’re looking at this situation wrong. Take a day to relax your mind and don’t make any decisions until you’re absolutely sure about what you’re getting yourself into. Whenever a tarot card is reversed it often means that the energy is less than what it would be upright. In this case it may mean that you’re just generally feeling low on energy today. If that is all, play some happy music or do things that normally make you feel good to pep you up. After all, it’s only Monday and you’ve got the rest of the week to get through. 

Tuesday: Two of Pentacles 

Keywords: Happiness, balance, optimism, obstacles, choices, juggling a lot all at once

Mood OTD: I’m the best!😊👍🏾

A lighter more balanced energy enters your life today. There is a sense of joy and balance that overcomes you today despite the hectic energy that surrounds you. A choice will need to be made most likely either concerning the home or the workplace or perhaps just your overall access to resources. Each choice comes with its own set of obstacles but it’s nothing that you can’t overcome. Now is the time to make an informed decision about where you want to go with your life and how you want it to look in the future. Keep in mind that if finances are low at this time, just like the Wheel of Fortune the energy will change and things will get better. However, if it seems as if all is well in your financial department, know that now is the time to make preparations for the future to ensure a successful outcome. This is a happier, lighter energy, keep that in mind if trouble comes your way today, know that you have everything under control and that the universe is working in your favor at this time. 

Wednesday: Five of Swords

Keywords: Constant changes, healing, liveliness, liberation, knowing your limits

Mood OTD: Can’t stop, won’t stop! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏊🏽‍♀️

The battle has been one but it did not come without casualties. Fives indicate ups and downs meaning lots of change. These changes bring you a sense of freedom. You may feel as if your energy is higher than normal and you may even be excited about the future. However, you do acknowledge that you have limitations. You have weighed your options, you’ve given yourself time to think clearly. Once the choice is made you realize that there are some things that you were just not capable of doing at this time. By understanding this part of the process, you begin to heal feelings of self-doubt, you know you’ve made the right decision. Allow your intuition to guide you at this time as it will help you navigate through all of the changes that you’ll be experiencing.

Thursday: Five of Pentacles Reversed

Keywords: Lack of resources, unemployment, loss, insecurities from loss or lack

Mood OTD: I wish I could just go back to sleep and start again tomorrow 😫😞

A hardship may come your way today and feelings of insecurity surrounding your resources could be high. You may feel as if you’re not sure what to do, things will feel completely out of sorts compared to the energy yesterday where are you felt as if you had everything under control. Five of Pentacles reversed often indicates a lack of money or employment. Do not become discouraged by this energy as you’ve already taken the time to acknowledge that there will be limitations in your life at this time. Know that disorder and chaos have their place in the universe just as manifestation and prosperity have their place. Take this time to reverse the energy by saying a few positive affirmations or doing something that makes you happy as you did on Monday. Taking the time to be grateful for what you do you have will allow positive energy to flow to you which will afford you more opportunities. As Cardi B once said “Knock me down nine times but I get up 10.” Now is not the time to mourn now is the time to be grateful. Remember, as one door closes, another one opens.

Friday: King of Pentacles Reversed

Keywords: Ruthlessness, pettiness, immoral behavior, gripped by vices, overly materialistic, too cautious 

Mood OTD: I’m trying so hard to be good but it feels good being bad. 🥺🤫

The week so far has been really hard and it looks as if it’s not going to get any easier. It seems as if the hardships just keep coming and it turns your attitude into something nasty and rude. Do your best to avoid being bitter today acknowledge that the reason why you’re so upset is because things are not going your way this week and that really isn’t anyone’s fault. The ups and downs the indecision the arguments the trouble that has come to you we’ll leave you feeling overly cautious about your choices in people and situations. Avoid trying to find shortcuts to get your goals. Also, avoid becoming overly materialistic or sinking deeper into your vices as a way to cope with your losses. Continue to do the hard work of trying to stay positive even when it feels like shit is hitting the fan. It is a cycle, there will be ups and downs always you must accept that and you must practice a sense of gratefulness if you want to make it this week. This too shall pass.

Saturday: Queen of Wands

Keywords: Giving, honest, loving, outside help, wisdom, strength, purpose found 

Mood OTD: You get some love, and you get some love, and you, and you! EVERYONE GETS SOME LOVE!! 💕💖 

Finally, you get a little more positive energy in your life Saturday and it feels really good. There’s an overwhelming sense of generosity ad you may find yourself sharing what little you have with others around you who may have less. It could also indicate that you will receive some help from a friend or even a stranger. Accept it and do not be skeptical, this is genuine help. This week may have snatched your wig but it has created resolve within you that cannot be broken. Learning from the ups and downs of your week is also cultivated a stronger sense of wisdom and its taught you how to be flexible and grateful for what you have whether it is small or large. Enjoy this positive energy that surrounds you. Go out socialize with your friends and family if you can. Today is the perfect day to show appreciation for those of been loyal to you and put up with your crap just as you put up with theirs all week long. Besides, it’s Saturday so relax a little you’ve earned it.

Sunday: Three of Pentacles reversed

Keywords: Stifled, delays, slow energy, frustration, disorganized 

Mood OTD: Jesus take the wheel before I wreck this b*tch!🤭😬

Sunday may be known as a day of rest but you are not treating it that way. Something you’ve been waiting for or working towards has been delayed or perhaps just slowed down quite a bit. This will create a level of frustration within you that may result in you behaving in a petty fashion or perhaps the people that you are working with will behave this way if it is a group project. It may feel as if things are moving really slow or inefficiently and feel as if you have not achieved anything at all. In order to reverse this frustration refer back to earlier in the week when things were at their hardest and take joy in the fact that at least some progress has been made. It is safe to say that at this point you are only just beginning if you throw the baby out with the bathwater now you never know what the end result will look like. Be patient, that is the mantra that you need to have for the rest of the day and even possibly rolling into next week.

Keep a cool head my boss’d up witches and remain strong until next week because the energy around us is always changing! 

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