Tha Witch’s Weekly 11/11-11/17

New Week Who Dis? 

Each week we take a look at the general energy Sunday to Saturday so we can tackles problems, learn our lessons and own the fuckin week! Take a look at each card below and be sure to come back to it each day if you need to refresh your memory. 



Sunday: Two of Swords (Reversed) 

Keywords: Indecision, blocked off communication, refusing to see a situation for what it is, confusion

Mood OTD: Having a hard time choosing between the heart ❤️  and the mind 🧠 

Refusing to choose is still a choice. Today you may find yourself taking part in the age-old battle between what the heart desires and what the mind wants and dreams to have. The problem with either is that one is blind and the other is fleeting. It takes both parts to make a proper conscious decision. They are each a valuable tool in your arsenal but a balance of the two makes you more firm and decisive. 



Monday: XVII (17) The Star (Reversed)

Keywords: Delays, unsuccessful, losing hope 

Mood OTD: “Knock me down 9 times but I get up 10.” 💯 – Cardi B 

Monday is gonna be packed full of setbacks, delays and just blase energy in general. Typical Monday shit. The goal of the day is to stay grounded, drink your water and mind your business. Be sure to remind yourself that a setback is granting you a wider vision of what is happening to you and around you. Know that a failure allows you to learn how to do it better. Let that feeling of sitting in the waiting room go, and focus on the end result. 



Tuesday: IV (4) The Emperor

Keywords: Expansion, mastery, stability, balance, peace, manifestation, taking action, leadership 

Mood OTD: Feelin’ like a boss! 👑  

After much trial and error Monday, you might feel like things are finally in your control. The pieces of the puzzle begin to fit and it may seem as if everything you touch turns to gold. You may also feel a great sense of peace and decide to relax a bit after much hard work. Either way, you deserve it. When you master yourself, you can tackle any problem and manifest anything you want.



Wednesday: Four of Wands 

Keywords: joy, equality, family, marriage or long-term commitments, adaptability, transformation, expansion, self-realization

Mood OTD: I never realized how f*ck*n lit I am! 💥🔥

The sense of ease and balance is much stronger than it was before bringing you some love and positivity. You might have been going through a transitional phase and are just starting to come into your own. With that comes the desire to commit to people and even projects that you’ve wanted to undertake. Be sure about these commitments as they’ll be for the long-term and will require some serious patience. All in all, whatever you decide, you will be tickled with yourself.  



Thursday: Knight of Cups 

Keywords: resiliency, romance, fantasies/imagination, proposals, new ideas 

Mood OTD: “I’m feelin’ myself”- Beyonce 💋 💕

Love is in the air and it could be for yourself. The week has been full of hurdles jumped and realizations about self-reliance made. This might prompt you to pat yourself on the back and give yourself a little love! You may even find some new inspiration from those around you, so keep your eyes peeled for new ideas. Pamper and treat yourself, and the loved ones who put up with your crap this week; you’ve all earned it.



Friday: King of Swords (Reversed) 

Keywords: bossy, cold-hearted, limitations/restrictions, strict, unfair, manipulation

Mood OTD: This is why we can’t have nice things! 🥵🤯🤬

Someone around you may have the wrong kind of influence over you that could land you in deep shit. Remember only you are responsible for your actions so do your best to swerve the office or neighborhood gossip. Ideas and goals may feel pointless to you today as a limitation or regulation could lead you back to the drawing board. You may even try sneaky tactics to get it accomplished anyway. Don’t exploit the loopholes, someone could be negatively affected because of it. Be aware that your pissy mood could turn you into a bossy, heartless witch. If you don’t have something nice to say, just keep your lips zipped.



Saturday: Six of Swords 

Keywords: moving on, travel, resolution, looking ahead, peaceful, intuitive 

Mood OTD: F*ck this shit I’m out! 👋 ✌️ 

Wrapping things up and moving on to the next thing becomes the hi-light of the day. Any projects or situationships that feel hindering and upsetting are getting handled. Let your intuition guide you when you feel the need to cut ties. Letting go and moving on may be hard to do, but it’s the best way to clear the energy for the path ahead. As the day draws to a close a sense of peace and excitement for the future leaves your heart feeling light. 


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