Come Thru Doe! Hair Grow Oil

Keeping consistent with the theme of D.I.Y. cause you a Boss Ass Witch vibe. I decided to bless y’all with this little recipe I cooked up to help my hair grow. Back in December, I did a major big chop! I went completely bald. The first few months I didn’t really do too much with my hair I just kind of let it be. But then I started using this combination of oils and such and have added to this concoction since and when I tell you my hair is growing like crazy and is super soft, that ain’t no lie hunti! As it stands today my hair is 3 inches in length, thick, curly and soft as ever! When I started my hair journey and let it be adding only the occasional oil to it, I was getting only about 1/8 of an inch a month for the first 2 months. Once I started using this mix, it changed to about 1/2 inch a month which is a major improvement. This mixture also contains properties that can clear your energy, protect it, and give you that auric self-love boost to help get you through the day.


Disclaimer, results may vary based on how fast your hair grows on its own naturally, though this will boost its growth and also the amount of water you actually drink! Aaaah yes, good ol’ fashion H2O can boost your hair, skin, and nails better than any damn biotin capsule you can snag at your local drugstore. So grab ya water bottles and raid ya cabinets because we got some growing to do!


  • Rose Water: Raises auric vibration, promotes self-love and healing, increases blood flow to the scalp promoting hair growth, clears bad vibes, softens the hair.
  • Sweet Orange Oil: Natural mood booster especially great for anxiety, depression, and general agitation, aphrodisiac promoting both the projection and receptivity of loving energy, it is also a natural anti-inflammatory which is great for headaches and scalp irritation, this oil also promotes hair thickness by strengthing the root of your hair and fortifies split ends.
  • Coconut Oil: Nourishes scalp and removes dandruff, promoting hair growth, assists in removing sebum oils from the root as well as strengthening it for more thickness and faster growth, acts as a natural sunscreen protecting your hair from UV damage, aids in mood-boosting when feeling anxious or sad.
  • Filtered Water: Using filtered water is better than tap because chemicals like chlorine and fluoride are damaging to the hair and would be counterproductive to the growth process as it’s been proven to actually promote hair loss.


Using your favorite spray bottle combine about 4 tablespoons of rose water, 30 drops Sweet Orange Oil, 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil and fill the rest of the bottle up with the filtered water. Shake before use, I like to set my intentions for the spray and rotate it clockwise 9x when I want to invite loving energy in and the same number counter-clockwise when I want to banish negative energy and protect my neck. But do what feels best for you when you set your own intentions because ultimately that’s what will work. You can choose to say an affirmation with it as well, either in your head or out loud whichever feels the most comfortable. You can let this sit out on your bathroom counter or place it in the fridge whichever you prefer.

You can spray this in your hair after a shower, before bed or before you start your day. Sometimes I use it when I just need to kinda wet my head so I can put it into a style. When I do it before bed my hair feels so soft and manageable in the morning, I can pretty much run my fingers through it. Using it post-shower I find my hair has an extra curly bounce to it which I love! However you choose to use it I promise you, you will love the way not only your hair feels but the vibes that come with this awesome combination. Make a batch for yourself and see!



Peace, Love & Good Vibes Tribe!


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