Hater Be Gone! Carpet Deodorizer

Did you know that no matter how hard you vacuum, you can’t shake hatin’ ass energy? In fact, it’s probably festering in your carpet right now fam…


Don’t worry I gotchu Witch keep calm. There are a few things you can grab to whip up a nice little energetic deodorizer for your carpets. So head to your cabinets and herbal stashes and let’s get to cleansing!

What you’ll need:

  • Shaker (as in salt & pepper shaker)
  • Bowl
  • Baking Soda or Cornstarch
  • Madder Root Powder (used for cleansing/purification)
  • Dried Sage Powder


  1.   Make sure the shaker you decide to use is clean and most importantly dry, you don’t want your powder mix getting wet. You can use an old spice jar you may have lying around instead. giphy-3.gif
  2. Combine all the ingredients into the bowl and mix it up thoroughly the ratio of ingredients is really 1:1 for however much you think you’ll need to cover all your carpeting.
  3. Add combined ingredients into shaker/old spice jar, and giphy-4 2.gifapply to carpeted areas. If you don’t want to get a shaker or don’t have an old one lying around then just scoop up some of the powder and shake it loosely between your fingers. Be sure that you are consciously setting the intention of clearing the negative vibes from your carpet space.
  4. Allow it to see for at least 5 minutes but if you want you can let it sit for longer, just don’t forget about it.
  5. Vaccum up the powder and enjoy your nice new hater vibe free carpet!
  6. Proceed to make Carpet Angels!


I would recommend that you use this energy treatment at least once a month but if you’re the type of social butterfly that has a high volume of visitors then one a week for you. Side Note: If you can’t get the herbal items I’ve listed above then you can use other giphy-4 4.gifcleansing substitutes, like lavender, sweet grass, rosemary, and lemongrass that you can grind up into a powder form, of course, make sure you get the dried herbs otherwise it won’t be powder. I’m also sure some of you saw the cornstarch option and thought, “What is this witch talkin’ about?” Welp turns out cornstarch is really good at not only deodorizing but great for absorbing oils from your carpet as well, so now you can also clear up some skin oils from both visitors and yourself that get left on you beautiful carpets.



Until Next Time Witches!


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