Planetary Activity Vol II

Wassup Witches!!

I know you guys who have been with me for a while have seen this section of the site transition a few times. But now ya girl has finally explored a way that really works for everyone. After doing a poll via my Instagram I realized that more of you would like more of a horoscope focus included with the chakra focus and you want it every week.


So without further ado, I give you “Planetary Activity Vol II,” a focus on both your sign complete with a chakra focus and an affirmation for the week based off of popular go-to phrases of each sign. Enjoy!

April 15th-21st 

giphy-6.gifAries: The start of this week may have you feeling like you’re on top of the world. You may find yourself full of energy and enthusiasm and show off a little bit. As the week goes on you might begin to feel a bit low, take the time this week to heal the shadowy parts of self in order to manifest a more positive future for yourself. The rest of the week may leave you feeling a bit drained from all the hype earlier on. Do your best to pace yourself this week Aries, the more you can stretch out your hyper energy the better off you’ll be as the week ends.
Chakras Focus: Solar chakra (willpower, ego, self-confidence)
Affirmation of the Week: “I am capable of achieving anything I want.”
Taurus: This week kicks off with the clearing of the air as Mercury exits its retrograde in giphy-7.gifthe Aries house of Self. As the rest of the week approaches you may begin to feel a strong sense of companionship with those closest to you and you will show them all the love you think they deserve for being such a good support system. However, if you find yourself involved with some unfinished business this week amongst friends and family you may find that there’s still some trouble in the water and should try your best to utilize that affectionate behavior as a peace offering. Remember everybody needs love in their lives and this week you have the energy to do just that. Try not to be a stick in the mud if there’s opposition, no one likes a stubborn jackass. As the week progresses you may find that your quiet, confident determination will pay off as you follow your dreams and start working on how to progress yourself in the career sector. Strong and steady wins the race Taurus and you are the strongest and most steadfast of them all this week.
Chakra Focus: Heart & Sacral (love, relationships, emotions)
Affirmation of the Week: “I have all that I need and discard anything that I don’t need.” 
giphy-5.gifGemini: This week brings you back to your normal friendly chatty self again and that makes you feel good. You may even take this time this week to do a little r&r with friends and kick back a little bit. The rest of the week may have you focusing on what’s next with your career and it’s always good to check the map and see where you are now and where things are going for you in the future. Eccentricities are on high and you can use that boost from the weird and original Uranus to allow you to be the freest and truest version of yourself, which is not a bad thing might I add. The truth of self brings more positive energy into your week. So let it all hang out Gemini! Do you Boo Boo!
Chakra Focus: Solar & Root (confidence, willpower, ego, stability, security, home life)
Affirmation of the Week: “I think it’s time to do me and be free.” 
Cancer: Tugging on your heart strings will be easy to do this week Cancer, but it may not giphy-6.gif
always be a great experience. This week allows you to focus on your desires from a home and hearth perspective, what you want to beautify and how you’d like to achieve that. However as the week goes on you find that some of you glorious concepts are met with the fact that you may be lacking in your pockets, but that’s okay try to improvise instead of allowing yourself to feel defeated by it. Emotions may run high this week but you’re able to channel it in a way that becomes a fine art. Receptivity is on high as well at this time. Try not to fall for every sob story that comes your way this week but don’t be closed off either Cancer.
Chakra Focus: Heart & Sacral (emotions, relationships, love)
Affirmation of the Week: “I feel my life opening up around me.” 
giphy-7.gifLeo: As the week opens up you may be feeling extremely generous as it is in your nature to be giving Leo. This is because you’re feeling yourself as the week goes on and you find yourself on a strong creative streak. New concepts and original ideas come to the forefront making you feel accomplished and very pleased with yourself. Try not to brag too much as this could put others off as you may be taken as being too prideful as the Lion is well known for. Do your best to be humble despite knowing just how dope you are. Doors may feel like they’re opening up and some new opportunities may start coming your way, it’s a good week to be a Leo.
Chakra Focus: Hands & Heart (creation and action, love and emotions)
Affirmation of the Week: “I will get it done and do it with finesse.” 
Virgo: Something inside you might have you looking deeper into your circle and what giphy-9.gifyou want to manifest this week Virgo. Despite you being known for being modest, there is an adventurer hiding underneath that humble cloak and this week you just might put it to good use. You may be feeling excited about something new popping up in your career or you may have a brand new idea you’d like to explore. Don’t overanalyze the situations that crop up this week Virgo or you may miss out on the good things that are coming your way. Try to channel your inner diligence towards something you want to achieve rather than on people who may upset you throughout the week. Keep your head down and stay focused this week.
Chakra Focus: Root (stability, security, home life)
Affirmation of the Week: “I analyze the path that I am on and where I would like to see myself in the future.” 
giphy-5.gifLibra: You’ll be putting it on hot and heavy this week Libra. Your inner charmer will be at the forefront and all eyes will be on you so try not to show off too much. It’s also a good idea to curb your enthusiasm when it comes to spending or you may find yourself in debt this week. Your love of the arts may also be more intense than usual at this time and you might find yourself discovering inspiration at every turn as the week progresses. Life really feels beautiful for you this week Libra and that’s a good thing. If you happen to find yourself in the throes of conflict in any of your relationships, do your best to activate your diplomatic ways and find a way to solve the problem in a way that works for everyone. Remember you are the peacemaker, balancer of the zodiac so if you become challenged at all, whip out that side of you.
Chakra Focus: Heart, Sacral & Hands ( emotions, relationships, love, creation)
Affirmation of the Week: “I balance my energy between what I want and what I must do to get there.” 
Scorpio: The start of the week may have you feeling as if everything is pretty much the giphy-8.gifsame, even kind of mundane Scorpio. But hold tight as your planetary ruler Pluto will bring you some positive energy and direct it straight into your career and possession sector. Things will begin to open up and gain momentum for you as the week approaches and you being to feel just a little bit better about your situations this week. Your imagination runs wild with possibilities and you find yourself more passionate about life as a whole. Ride this good wave Scorpio and don’t let a lack of originality by others leave you feeling broody and moody if they don’t get where you’re coming from. Some people just aren’t dreamers and you can’t fault them for that. Be understanding but don’t let anything get in your way this week.
Chakra Focus: Sacral & Crown ( relationship, love, spirituality)
Affirmation of the Week: “I desire to channel my imaginative self in order to bring beauty and peace of mind into my life.” 
giphy-5.gifSagittarius: As the week starts you might be feeling like you’re on top of the world Sagittarius. Your energy is good, you’ve been feeling well fed, rested and ready for action as the week begins. Your ruler planet Jupiter gives you a bit of a boost by resting in the regenerative sign of Scorpio and this is where all those “I feel good” James Brown vibes are coming from. However, there may be a feeling like you still don’t quite have everything you want and you may find yourself a bit stifled by that as well. Keep ya head up Sag and know that everything comes in good time and not a moment before. For now, just enjoy the good vibes and spend time with your tribe. If you’ve been feeling creative or adventurous pack up and go to new places or explore areas of your neighborhood that you’ve never been to before. Channel your creative side and let yourself creative freely.
Chakra Focus: Hands (creation)
Affirmation of the Week: “I see life as one big adventure and I am thankful for the joy that it brings.” 
Capricorn: No one does rock steady like you Capricorn and this Mercury retrograde has giphy-6.gifreally put that energy to the test. You’ve done well and you’re continuing to hold tight and make sure that you’re not counting your chickens before they hatch. You’re a cautious person Cap, but you’re also a seeker of opportunities that can always help you level up and this is exactly where your mind will be this week. “Onto the next one” is the big focus just don’t forget about the people in your circle who have helped you get there. Show them some love this week in order to avoid one of those “if it wasn’t for me” style arguments. No one likes those.
Chakra Focus: Heart & Throat (emotions, love, communication)
Affirmation of the Week: “I use my resourcefulness to manifest the next big move I want to make in my life.” 
giphy-7.gifAquarius: This week you let your little freak flag fly Aquarius. You’re creativity in on high and you’re inventing new concepts faster than the industrial revolution! You feel inspired and you find yourself collaborating with a lot of good people who keep the vibe going. This week will definitely have you on a high and you plow through any limitation seeing it as a challenge to be overcome rather than a setback. If you wind up working solo on something you really channel your sense of independence and get things done in a way that receives applause from onlookers. The end of this week will have you channeling the strangest parts of yourself but you will realize that they are the parts that you like and you won’t give a f*** about what anyone has to say about that.
Chakra Focus: Solar (will, self-confidence, ego)
Affirmation of the Week: “I know that no matter what happens I can create anything I want in my life.” 
Pisces: Your empathic self will be channeled the most this week Pisces and you may even giphy-11.giffind yourself in the throes of drama from others. People may present some of their issues to you this week and this energy may be draining but you will somehow manage to make it through and do it in a way that helps you and them. The usual limitations that you will deal with will fall off allowing you to really feel like the weight has been lifted. This week make sure you do what makes you happy if you find yourself trapped in a situation or two that doesn’t really involve you. Personal space is the best kind of space and it may be time to establish that this week Pisces.
Chakra Focus: Third Eye & Solar ( spiritual, psychic, ego, will, self-confidence)
Affirmation of the Week: “I believe in myself.” 

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