Why #SelfCareSunday is Trash-Tha Dig Out

What it do Witches?


Welcome to Tha Dig Out! The first in several videos where we’ll be discussing topics that will controversial in nature in order to shed light on trends and other forms of influence that are shaping our mental energy and affecting our actions in life. Hold on tight it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


This week we’re talking about the trendy use of the hashtag self-care Sunday. This is something that has bothered me for a while as my personal and professional feeds have been flooded every single Sunday with post after post and story after story reminding me that on Sunday I should be taking care of myself. Well, I say fuck that!

We need to stop trying to be so damn trendy and “cool” and start channeling our high selves so that we can evolve both in the physical realm as well as the spiritual one. That cannot happen if we run around blindly following behind others a means of feeling giphy-6.gifaccepted. In the video, I talk a lot about what self-care truly means and I stress several times, as I do in real life, that this is a practice that should happen every day. Our personal struggles happen every day, our traumas follow us for quite some time and they are there every day whether we like it or not. Shouldn’t we combat these negative energies by fostering a space of comfort for ourselves every single day then? The answer my friends is, “Yes, we should be.”

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Peace, Love & Good Vibes Tribe!



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