Tha Comeback!

Wassup Witches!


Apologies for being away so long but there are times when spirit says, “Get yo life hoe!” And you have to oblige in order to progress forward.

My journey has been one with many many stop signs from spirit asking me to regroup and assess where I am on my road map of life and where my destination actually lies. When you are developing yourself as an online entity that can be hard as people come to expect a certain level of output from you and to remove yourself from that can be detrimental to you as a personal brand and member of what I like to call, “online society”.

However, I am a spiritual woman first and everything else second so when it comes to evolving my spirit I will selfishly choose to take care of that before anything else.


That being said I wanted to come back to the platform and let everyone know that there are going to be some new things coming to the blog and to my IG (@bossuplilwitch) that will be new for us here but perhaps not new in the grand scheme of things. It has come to my attention that the only way to make actual progress and change is to be the change yourself and others that feel the same will come to embrace and support it. “If you build they will come” basically.

I have spent a considerable amount of time pondering why spirit has asked me to be the one to help lead the charge in this spiritual movement but I understand that it is what I am called to do and I always answer my spiritual callings. There have been times when I did not and I learned a very very valuable lesson in “do as you’re told” and I’ve been this way ever since then.

In the time that I have been away I have had the pleasure of coming across several interesting and key concepts both in the forms of book and formal education, and spiritual downloads that have truly helped shape how I view the world now as well as to help me see the mistakes I have made as a healer, a diviner and overall as a human being. Receiving all of this information has given me a new sense of direction as to how I would not only like this blog to go but how I would like to help others along their journey as well.

The newness of this blog and my services will be seen in the coming months as I continue to add in new pieces that I hope you all will enjoy and feel inspired by. I will also be sincerely offering giveaways and developing some coupons for both my services as a spiritual guide and my Etsy shop, Lil Shop of Harmonies.


I would like to personally thank all of you for your patience and dedication as I work my way through this process, I realize that this is not the first time I have been M.I.A and that those who have been with me since the beginning and even the newcomers enjoy a sense of consistency on my part. For that lack of consistency, I can only say that when I come up spiritually we all come up.

So hang onto ya broomsticks witches! It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

With All the Love in the Universe,


Jessy Kickinass

Owner/Creator of Boss Up Lil Witch

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