Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It’s the middle of the week and there’s still more to go! I know, I know you want it to be the weekend already but work has to get done before we can relax.


This week has had us doing some serious work on letting go as we saw in the cards yesterday. We continue the week with the Haindl deck and we get to see another divinatory aspect of the cards, the I Ching. This helps to give more insight into the meaning of a specific card but when there is more than one I Ching represented in a single reading, as we’ll see below, this gives us a more full reading as we normally would have if we were just using the I Ching only. We will see what is known as “line changes” and these changes actually shape the meaning as a whole. So let’s get into it!


Today is going to seem like one hell of a bummer and the energy we’ve been dealing with has left us grasping at straws in order to stay on top. The sum of these cards speaks a lot on neglecting the future and a lack of success that will ultimately lead us to failure. The I Ching will give us some advice as to why that is and how we can direct ourselves back onto the path we’ve lost ourselves on. Perhaps yesterday’s energy hasn’t quite worked its way through us yet and we’re still holding onto the material realm instead of letting go, but one thing is for certain, this isn’t going to be pretty. So buckle up Witches, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

As we look to the first card we see the Prince of Stones, it’s akin to the Page of Pentacles and here it is reversed. This card is represented by Cheif Seattle, the man who thought about his future generations and when this card is in the upright position it means just that. “Thinking ahead for the next seven generations.” That’s a lot of people to think about when you put it all into perspective like that. He is steadfast and strong, and he is wise above all and caring. He considers the Earth and its needs as well as our own and how that should evolve over time. But when this is reversed we are seeing a selfish behavior. One cares not for the value of the Earth and all its splendor, you use what you giphy-1.gifneed, take what you want and leave nothing for the rest of us. The future isn’t even a thought, you leave them to fend for themselves. There is a distinct lack of wisdom that stems from self-centered behavior. Not to mention the karmic clap back that will follow from only giving a crap about yourself in the moment. The intensity of the yellow color of the card seems to make itself more prevalent, a color of the solar chakra that rules the ego. Your ego is High King at this time and you’ve only been bowing to its whims. Know that it is a cruel king and that eventually there will be an uprising in your circle from you conceited acts. The Chief’s face appears sterner now as if looking at us in disappointment instead of this calm serene appearance we perceive when the card is upright. The fish looking less tribal and representing the sharing of wealth and resources and more skeletal, meaning there isn’t anything for anyone else. All that was there has been used up and wasted. We also see this white light that rests at the center of his heart. This could mean purity and wisdom but since this is inverted it has more a feeling of someone who is devoid of feeling. The heart chakra is either damaged or lacking energy entirely. The moves and thoughts are heartless. No one will benefit from the form of behavior.

Proceeding to the 10 of Cups, when it’s in the upright position is represents plenty for all and happiness. All are welcome to share in the wealth, all are emotionally available. The rivers depicted in the image flow effortlessly towards the goblets meaning there is plenty more where that came from. 10 represents the closing of a cycle, a sense of completion. The Oracle message on the card says, “Success.” But there is nothing for anyone when the card is inverted. The rivers recede backward, the stone stands alone and firm and represent stubbornness and lack of movement. The cups are upside down spilling out its contents. When this card is reversed things are unsuccessful at this time. And rightly so, you cannot have true success if all you’re concerning yourself with is what it’s in for you right now. If you are unwilling to bend and consider others before you make your giphy-2.gifdecisions and turn them into action. There is a conflict that is generated from this as all involved know that there is enough for everyone and that you’re too selfish and stubborn to share. This will bring upheavals and quarrels in relationships and can even indicate that relationships will fail. If you are well intentioned in your movement it is important to be strong but to be transparent as there is the potential for others to misunderstand what you are up to. Communication is key to avoid this sort of drama. If you are suffering at the hands of someone else’s selfishness and greed then be advised now is the time to remain steadfast and punch adversity in the mouth. Now isn’t the time to quit, you might not have won the battle, but baby, you’re gonna win the war and that’s what really counts. Don’t back down just figure out another way around.

Transitioning to the last card, we see we have the 7 of Stones, literally named “Failure.” This affirms that you will lose, or if you’re caught in opposition with someone else being the self-centered one they may be the one that is losing. Whether it is losing you or the “wealth” they’ve accumulated, either way, someone is going down in this fight. As we look at the images on the card we see that the stones aren’t floating as much as they’re being hurled into the Earth itself. Breaking apart anything and everything in its path. The destruction of that which was once stable is now falling and crumbling apart. We see storm cloud collecting and creating this darker appearance, letting us know that things giphy-4.gifwill get muddy and messy and there will virtually no clarity at all. We won’t really know why this is happening, we’ll just be baffled by it and stuck cleaning up the mess. Failure is not at all an easy thing to accept but accept it we must. And if it is the opposition that is failing, we must humbly and gracefully accept the win. Though to be honest these two cards next to each other speak more of a loss that we will feel as opposed to someone else. We’ve been stubborn and selfish and now we must sleep in the bed we’ve made. When we fail we must accept the lesson of failure, we must utilize that “L” we just took as a learning tool to do better. If we were too stubborn we must learn how to be flexible. If we were too selfish, we must learn how to share and remember there is plenty for all. We do not lose everything by sharing, in fact, we gain a whole lot more. The Universe will see to that.

Finally, we focus on the I Ching on the last two cards. The I Ching is made up of 64 hexagrams covering the various aspects of nature, air, earth, fire, and water. The first one placed on the 10 of Cups, is inverted along with the card, this literally changes the entire meaning of the hexagram. This is because the order of lines change and the lines are read in groups of 3 the top three represent one element in nature and the bottom three another. Together they combine into a specific number with a special meaning. The first I Ching is number 45 and is called, “Dui Kun, Gathering Together, ” it tells us that now is the time for teamwork in order to achieve something great. There are others out there like you who are all converging on the same idea, belief or goal and you can find success in coming together. But it informs us that it is okay to responsibly protect giphy-3.gifour own interests just don’t protect yourself so much that you put yourself out of the group. The game at play presently is a team sport. The second hexagram is 12 and its called, “Quian Kun, Standstill.” This reminds us not to put too much pressure on what we want to see a change in the world. All of our goals, hopes, dreams, and desires take time. If we force it too much we will not find success and happiness. There is a patient and graceful way of going about things and it’s crucial we remind ourselves of that whenever we feel stuck in a rut. It’s important that we focus on maintaining our integrity if we find ourselves faced with conflict as we are well aware at this time that pain and hardship nurture the spirit because it has taught us so much.  As we look at the two hexagrams side by side we notice that all of the lines are the same, except for line number 6, despite the fact that visually it lies at the top. When we look for line changes we must look the last hexagram in order to denote the change and if we read it from that hexagram. Confusing I know, but here we see that line 6 in Quian Kun has changed. For us, this means that things will get rolling again soon. The period of standstill will cease to be and we should seek inspiration from other places to help breath new life into our ideas. Success is possible.


See Ya Next Time Dearies!


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