Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Well, Witches, it’s Tuesday, I hope you spent the last few days recharging your batteries like I did.


As we roll into the week, we switch our cards up to get a deeper focus on what to expect this week. This week’s cards will be from the Haindl Tarot. A beautiful deck that combines different forms of divination in one and is considered to be a more advanced deck. So let’s see where we need to steer our focus today.


The three of these cards today speak of the need for hope and replenishing ourselves. Pretty fitting as the last few days the energy has seemed to have it’s ups and downs. Quickly converting from hectic to slow motion in almost no time at all. It speaks of unhappiness because there is a need to get off of the damn hampster wheel and allow yourself the ability to free fall your way to greatness. The usual rules do not apply but you are utilizing too much force in order to achieve success and this will be your downfall. It’s time to ease off the pedal for a moment and reflect and dream again because there is such a thing as having your nose far too pressed into the grindstone that you don’t actually see what you’re creating.

The Star Card in this deck is also ruled by the humanitarian, hopeful and well-wisher, Aquarius. This alone implies that there is a sense of duty in what you’re pushing for as your hopes and aspirations lie in the realm of helping others around you. Let’s take a look at the scene on the card. Here we have a woman sitting at the edge of the shoreline washing her red hair. We never see her face. Her red hair tells us that she is passionate, creative and full of life. She is driven and determined, all aspects that are represented by red, as red is the color of fire. Sheis cloaked in white, a symbol of spirituality and wisdom as well as innocence. A giant star beams above her head giving her the light that she needs in the dark, providing her with a sense of clarity. It is joined by 7 other stars, representing 8 stars in total. 8 is a representative of the balance and unification of the divine masculine and divine feminine, as well as the cycle of life that goes on for infinity. Since this card represents Aquarius, it is only fitting that she cleanses herself in the water, since it is nicknamed “The Water Bearer” despite it being an Air sign. This is actually because, in the Ancient Roman days, the creators of the aqueducts we’re giphy-1.gifdutifully named the Aquari and they were the ones who brought water to the great city of Rome and elsewhere. They were essentially a think tank for Roman Rebulic. But the water here means more than just repping Aquarius by its nickname. Here as we watch her wash her hair, we see her being rejuvenated by the waters. She is cleansing herself, the area of her crown and third eye from the dirt and muck that was once there. She sits on rocks, indicating stability and the ability to remain grounded and centered during this cleansing process. In that she becomes connected to higher self, gaining the knowledge she needs to take the next steps in her journey. She has become wiser and in that wisdom she has gained a sense of hope and joy for the future, knowing that she has the map to make her wishes come true. When this card comes up in a spread it is a sign to have hope and faith in what is possible, and know that good things can and will happen. But there must always be a time to cleanse and replenish yourself otherwise you risk burning out and losing faith that things can progress. As we look up to the right of the card we see an elder futhark rune called, Eihwaz, The Yew Tree. When we see this rune we are being reminded to remain stable, and be patient in our process. That we have learned the right way of doing things and we must have endurance in order to achieve the win.

As we move towards the second card we see that we have The Hanged Man. He dangles loose and free from the tree, in this setting he is akin to the Norse God, Odin; who hung himself from Yggdrasil and sacrificed his eye in order to gain the knowledge of the runes and enhance his spiritual connection and ability to see into the future. The rainbow behind him touches each of his chakras in the places that each color represents. The red in the root, the orange rests in the sacral, yellow in the solar and so on. When we see rainbows in real life they not only represent blessings springing forth but they represent that all things for us are now in balance. Everything is properly aligned. The crescent moon is set as if it is in waning, a period of releasing and letting go is taking place. There is a lush green environment representing fertility and stability in the areas of the home and work life. And it represented by Neptune, the planet that governs Pisces, a highly psychic and emotional sign and it’s 12th House of Undoing and Soul Progression, representing our drawbacks and the areas of life that we will be challenged to improve upon so that we can evolve in our spirit. However, this card is inverted. Meaning that the energy is in it’s lesser form and can mean quite the opposite. Inverted it speaks of not letting go, of trying to stay in motion when you need to just release yourself and be. The rainbow is backward meaning that things are not in balance and perhaps we shouldgiphy-3.gif focus on aligning our chakras and correcting the energetic dysfunction. The Waning Moon becomes more prevalent pointing out even further that we need to let the cycle end so that we can be born anew. So that new doors can open. The mound that rests below Odin’s head seems to stick out more, representing that perhaps there is too much focus on the material realm. This could be what is keeping us out of balance. We haven’t quite gotten to where we want to be materialistically and this is distracting us from throwing our hands up and enjoying what we do have. The Rune that rests on the bottom left of the card, in this case, is Tiewaz, Tyr, The Sky God. When it is reversed it is called a merkstave. When Tiewaz is in its merkstave form it talks about a lack of energy. We’ve lost our edge, our spark and become lazy and unmotivated. This is probably due to the fact that we’re not allowing our hopes and dreams to flourish at this time because we’re too busy trying to stay in control. The Hanged Man represents a “Let and let God,” sort of vibe and if we’re too busy trying to be the boss of everything we lose touch with our own identity and deeper desires. In other words, we’re trying too damn hard and we need to “Have several seats,” as Wendy Williams would say.

All of this energy leads us to The Sun card, upright we see a bright beaming sun. Giving us abundance and positive energy, the zeal for life and the rewards for hard work done. The rose that blossoms show fertility, love, and desire. The land around it lush and green showing that all of our material needs are cared for. The darker shadows of ourselves are made evident in this light but not overwhelm the scene and therefore do not overwhelm us. However, once again, we are faced with an inverted card. When The Sun is reversed it represents that we have in fact, allowed our shadow self to take hold of the steering wheel. We are losing the good fight and maybe turning dark and negative. When we are in a negative mindset it almost seems like the old adage, “when it rains, it pours,” giphy-4.gifcomes flowing out in great number. This is because like attracts like. The energy we are projecting into the Universe is returning back to us what we’ve sent out. Therefore we become receptacles for trash situations, trash relationships and trash environments. This only adds to our foul mood and thus the toxic cycle continues on until we can make at least one little change. Just a simple affirmation that we say to ourselves in the mirror at the start of our day can make a difference in the long term. One message when the Sun is reversed is clear, we must maintain our faith. Faith that things can get better. Faith that we do not have rotten luck but simply just need a slight change in frequency in order to bring us back around. Faith that things will not stay as they are, the Sun goes down and night reigns but soon it will give way once more to the daylight. The cycle always stays in motion. The Star card adds emphasis to this idea of having hope and faith so let’s try to stay as focused as we can on that for now.


Until Next Time Witches!




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