Friday, February 2, 2018

Hey there Witch! Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day and now Friday or as we call it here at BossUpLilWitch “Friyay” is finally here! Once we complete our work for the day and return home we can resume enjoying our lives and get some much-needed rest after a hard week’s worth of work!


Did you live it up just a little too much yesterday? The energy of that was one involving celebrating the road traveled so far and the success of finally becoming yourself. We threw away the past and began to enjoy this new life that we’ve always wanted for ourselves. But one thing is for sure yesterday you were asked to not only celebrate but to channel that creative energy and as you will see from the cards, not very many of us heeded that there was still work to be done and there would be much more obstacles to face.


As we begin to wrap up this week we continue on with our Gilded Tarot in order to glean into our day and know just what we’re up against. This energy speaks of difficulties galore. A depressive, negative energy has overcome us and now we’re stuck smacking our heads and asking ourselves “Why is this happening?” especially since the energy yesterday was so damn good. Well, babies, we have ups and we have downs and sometimes we make a fool of ourselves and look like clowns, that’s part of the human condition. It’s time to accept that the Universe has us in a rapid growth period and that means facing up to our karmic lessons immediately following our wins. More challenges await us until the final goal is actualized. But again, we are reminded that now is not the time for throwing in the towel. We mustn’t give in to the negative forces that breathing down our necks, we must remain strong and maintain our faith both in ourselves and the Universe that is guiding us on this journey.

Taking a look at the first card we see automatically that it is upside down. This typically indicates that the energy is the lesser form of its original self and in most cases can mean trouble, this can vary from card to card though so please note not all reversals are bad. As we look at the card we see a mother clutching her child both from the cold and the stranger. She is cloaked in the color green, representative of love and her dress and the clothing her child wears are colored in red. This represents the root chakra and refers to home security and family. The man is a little more well dressed marked in earthly colors of brown and green and on his hip we see a satchel, indicating his wealth. He takes off his hat, showing her a sign of respect and gives us a vibe that he is willing and wanting to giphy-3.gifhelp the Mother and her child. Her face seems stressed and unsure about what is happening in her life, and why she lacks the proper security. She may also be unsure of even taking the help from this stranger. The 5 pentacles above show us that there is a change in financial circumstances and home life. The message of the 5 of Pentacles is one that speaks of insecurity, loss, and ruin. The reason for this is, unfortunately, to teach us a lesson. There are always karmic energies at play and we must always seek to understand the lessons that are being taught to us karmically and this appears to be the case. Once we learn the lesson things we will be able to move on. This card also highlights some of our deeper needs at the moment. However, it also seems like it is completely out of our reach. We may also be needing to open up more to those around us and really get in touch with our empathic nature. And yet again, as it was yesterday, we are reminded to maintain faith and hope as this situation is a temporary one. Money troubles will shift for you as when this card is reversed it is expressed that you will regain your footing the area of finance. If you have been experiencing long-term unemployment and money troubles you are asked to seek help in order to keep things in balance for yourself. It’s okay to reach out to a helping hand, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

The Empress in her reversed state really backs up the previous card reminding us of our insecurities, hardships, poverty, and losses. The difference is that The Empress actually gives us the way. The real reason we face these hardships is due to a lack of ambition, we desire to sit still and cry over loss which leads to stagnation. Stagnant energy cannot and will not manifest anything for you, not in this life or the next. You have to get things moving, energy must flow. Wasting our energy is also something we should be concerned about and if we’re going through a financial crisis it’s time we re-evaluate the books and see just exactly where we’ve been spending our money. If there have been extra expenditures that weren’t really necessary then we need to take note of that, own up to what we did and make the corrections that are needed. Because we find ourselves in a state of lacking we also find oursleves unhappy about our lives. We wish we had more giphy-4.gifmaterial items and comfort and really what is all of that if you can’t take it with you? You know what you can take though? Your soul. So think about that next time you find yourself brooding because you couldn’t buy Prada, or the couch you sit on isn’t “just right” Goldilocks. Being ungrateful in this manner will create a negative and depressive vibe that will just bring more drama to your peephole. Worrying about what we lack will also have us behaving in a hella possessive fashion, making us overreact in ways others won’t appreciate or expect. We become overprotective because we don’t want to lose what we’ve got even though we’re crying about what we don’t have. So do us all a favor and “Check ya self.”  Another aspect of this card when it’s reversed is putting others ahead of ourselves, although it can be a noble cause it can be to a fault. Concentrating on others so much that we lose sight of ourselves and therefore lose touch with our own identities and that’s a shame considering yesterday we were really just starting to come into our own. Don’t throw all that away because you want to wait on people hand and foot, personal time and self-exploration are crucial to our spiritual growth. One more thing to consider is that confusion reigns supreme right now and that can cover not only our day-to-day struggles but also within our sexuality and our ability to be expressive albeit creatively or in our other actions.

Finally, a ray of sunshine comes into view as we see the 3 of Cups card. It is in the upright position and we see three women in celebration. Not only that but they are working together, allowing the energy that they have in each of their golden chalices to pour into the collective and overflow. Each of them bringing their own unique style and energy to the table and creating something that everyone can share in. This card symbolizes working together and determination. Finding a sense of healing and resolution to our problems. When we work together we are strong, we are one. If you’ve been paying attention to the message today it’s that, the struggle is real right now and we’re going to giphy-5.gifneed help. Asking for that help doesn’t weaken us but empowers us to move forward and prosper. So tag-team Witches because right now we need each other! This card also indicates a growth in our spiritual and psychic abilities, we can get that message through the water which rules these arenas of life. If we are having issues in the team environment, or in our personal relationships as a whole, now is the time to set the record straight, clear out the bad vibes and come to a positive resolution. We’ve come too far to give up now and it would be a shame to waste all of that good energy we had yesterday only to give into the dark side and throw that all away because it feels easier. Joy can re-enter our lives, but first, we must learn what there is to be learned, ask for the help if needed and work together to make something happen. A final message from this card is that things may feel as if they aren’t really moving but future success is just around the bend, we need only believe and not give up. Don’t quit Witch, we may not be out of the woods yet, be we are getting out, you bring your compass and I’ll bring my map.


Until Saturday!


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