Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hey Witch! We might’ve made it through the first month of 2018 but we’ve still got a long way to go.


That Super Full Moon was charging us up and help out clear out the messes that were canceling out our desire for spiritual growth and success, and negating all the hard work we’ve been putting in. Trusting in ourselves and the process, becoming more patient and accepting of others and most especially ourselves has us feeling stronger than ever! So let’s take a look at our Gilded Tarot Cards and see what energy we’ll be facing today.


Congratulations! These cards together are telling you that your light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching, in fact, the light is so bright right now that we might as well be wearing shades.  The Sun blesses us with vitality and creative energy which helps us to solidify the foundations of what we’ve been building on. Paired with the 4 of Wands we see the energy for tag teams and unions galore that really add to our abundance and heighten our level of prosperity as a whole. The High Priestess joins them to remind you to keep ya head up because despite the celebration more work is to be done and that means more challenges will have to be faced. It reminds us that we must maintain our faith that we can get exactly where we want to go in life. Staying balanced and not going overboard but yet not denying ourselves the pleasure of the win and of the positive influences and friendships in our lives. The remainder of the balance and stability is evident in the fact that we have the images of the Sun placed to the left and the Moon placed to the right. I’ll get into more of that in a second, but first, let’s take a look at our first card.

Digging deeper into the Sun card we see a beautiful Sun gleaming at the top resting above the cosmos and the zodiac itself. Exuding its power over all. Sunshine is a representation of becoming enlightened and bringing some clarity to our muddled
thoughts and the things that have been hidden from us. The warmth of the sun gives us the good vibes that we can translate into all aspects of our lives and begin to turn difficult and negative situations into positive ones. Life begins to feel more fulfilling both in a physical way as well as the spiritual. This evolution allows us to shed our old skin that was a facade for others in order to feel accepted by society and our inner circle, the real us finally shines through.Opportunities come in droves that offer us more hope about where our lives are going. Consider this a time when you are to become leveled up giphy-3.gifin a spiritual sense. You’ve done the work of trusting yourself and your intuition and now it is paying off in spades. This clarity also brings self-awareness of both the lighter and shadow self and we become more able to meld the two together accepting both halves of ourselves. Any troubles that have been plaguing personal relationships are finally working themselves out and the worry finally fades away. With the coming of new opportunities, we can refrain from feeling apprehensive because the Sun card is here gives us the green light to pursue personal projects, dreams, and desires. You can continue to proceed with what is being presented to you at this time as it will bear fruit worthy of a feast. If you’re in the process of education even if it is self-education this card lets us know that our studies have been well worth it and that you will be able to celebrate its successful completion. Today we can celebrate the accomplishments that we’ve achieved thus far and kick back. In other words, it’s turn up time! You’ve done good baby now pat yourself on the back, you deserve it! For those who may be nearing the end of their pregnancies, this card can also indicate birth so get ready Mamma! If you are not, then accept this message as you are ready to give birth to your true form of self and the world will celebrate your entry.

Moving towards the 4 of Wands we continue this aspect of Fire and masculine energy. This energy is clearly potent, most likely because of yesterday’s Leo Full Moon. This card reiterates harmony and prosperity as well as, celebrations. It encourages our creative flow and reminds us that there are others in our circle who will inspire us to create. This creative process will be well thought out and therefore successful. It affirms that relationships are strengthening at this time and should be celebrated. Take note that because of this we should leave old shit behind us because the past is in the past and giphy-4.gifbringing up old dirt will only leave everyone messy in the process. So keep your hands clean Witch. If you are currently in a long-term relationship this card indicates that there will be an even stronger sense of commitment, possibly leading towards engagement/marriage. If you are just getting into a relationship it means that this one has the potential to be serious, so don’t count new bae out just yet. For those who are single, this could really be pertaining to your other personal relationships be it family or friends really banding together in solidarity and kinship that will be an everlasting bond.  Further, it reminds us of the message of The Sun by letting us know that we are doing well in maintaining the balance of all sides of self.  But if you think that all this celebration means that it’s over, please be reminded that this is just an entry to the path that you set foot on and there will be more to come both in ups as well as downs. Your foundation is strong but there is more work to be done.

Finally, we see a card that we are all familiar with as The High Priestess was present with us in yesterday’s reading. She reminds us not only of the feminine energy but of balance, and the knowledge and wisdom we have gained through our lives lessons. She encourages us to continue to trust our higher selves, the part that guides our intuition giphy-5.gifand continue to enhance our psychic connectivity. We are one with all and all is one within us. There is still more yet to come as that is something that is prevalent to this card. We have great potential but we must continue to strive for balance in all that we do if we are to achieve success. She further reminds us that when the hard times do rear their ugly head again that we are to stay strong and maintain our faith in the process. Keep your eye on the prize and know that abundance will soon come at an even greater level than it already is. So keep keeping on and treat yoself Witch! You’ve done good, now is the time to be grateful for the little things and gear up for what lies ahead.


See You Friyay!


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