Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It’s Wednesday Witches! And as some of us are dragging ourselves out of bed and prepping our rituals for the Full Blue Moon in Leo tonight we’re kinda feeling a bit bedraggled. Especially if you were up early to catch a glimpse of the Lunar Eclipse this morning. So pour yourself a cup of something hot shake the cobwebs out and get in gear for Daily Divinations because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover today!


We like themes here at BossUpLilWitch so we’re going to stick with the tried and true beginner tarot deck, the Gilded Tarot. Yesterday we had to put up the “They Block” on people who we started to realize didn’t deserve our energy and today we shift that focus a bit to channel a new form of energy. Let’s take a look at the cards and see what we have in store for us today.


Today’s message from Spirit is provided by the combination of the 4 of Swords, The High Priestess, and the Judgement card. These three together deliver a very blatant and powerful message regarding changes that will enter your life and that something is bubbling just beneath the surface and out of sight. There is also the constant theme here that deals with taking the time to really think about all of the things that one has participated in and how that has shaped or affected their lives. If you have felt like you were living in a shroud of darkness these cards together imply that it will soon pass and that you should reflect and wait patiently trusting your intuition to both teach you deeper lessons about yourself and point out the moment when it’s time to seize your opportunity. There is a strong focus on intuition and psychic abilities and its no wonder considering Full Moons tend to have an impact on that as well as a focus on our emotional sensibilities.

As we glance at the 4 of Swords we already know from yesterday that we’re dealing with mental energy and we notice there is a man resting on his bed, his hand poised for potential action. His hand rests near the sword and in fact, you can’t even see the other hand so you’re not even sure if it is just resting or placed in a way that indicates action as well. This “hidden arm” points to the fact that there is something going on that we can’t quite see yet. We’re placed in this unique position of  “The left giphy-2.gifhand not knowing what the right hand is doing.” This card is also referencing preparedness and that is obvious by the placement of the hand that is presented to us. Taking a closer look at his face though we notice that his eyes are open and he is staring at the swords and banner that hover above him. His face rested but in deep contemplation about his actions thus far. The blue hues of the banner symbolizing throat chakra energy and the Air, a focus on what is communicated and personal thought processes. He is thinking about his future and where he wants it to go whilst referencing his past actions and learning the lesson of both his losses and his victories. He is aware that there is something in the wind and that change is coming even if he isn’t sure what the change actually is. When this card sits either next to or in the same spread as the Judgement card there is an indication to be careful and tactful in situations where things are messy or complicated. You should do your best to avoid these types of situations as they will have drawbacks for you that will affect your future. It also enhances the concept of lessons learned and asks you to not only consider those lessons but to be grateful for them as well.

Moving on the High Priestess card, there is yet another reference to things unseen. Here we see a beautiful woman suspended in motion, her eyes closed and unaware of where this motion is actually taking her. The crescent moon in the background further symbolizes that there is something hidden as the rest of the moon is not visible to us at this time. Not everything has been illuminated and we must be patient as we move through the phases that will later allow us to become enlightened about what we didn’t know. The stars are indicative of hopes and wishes and therefore we can speculate that even though we don’t know what’s ahead we can suspect that it will be good. The two pillars in the image that are the same giphy-3.gifrepresent balance in oneself and in the world that surrounds you. This is a strong intuition card and therefore you should trust your intuition at this time and know that you are being divinely guided. Do you best to keep your thoughts, plans, and actions that you’ve been dwelling on, to yourself. Consider this a trust exercise, you are now building faith in yourself and divulging information at this time will only deter you via other peoples opinions. Keep the faith in yourself and know that you can succeed at this time. Things may be hard but don’t allow yourself to fall into darkness and negative forms of expression as it will only hinder you. You may also feel as if you’re torn between two worlds, not knowing where you should be but acknowledging that you must make a choice. You have two options here and you need to decide which one you want to go for. Again, trust your intuition in this matter.

The final card that wraps this all together is the Judgement card. Here we see an angel blowing the trumpet that signals the beginning of revelation. Taking an even closer look we see amongst the colored clouds people rising and falling from grace. The two women on the left side of the card have the exact same appearance as our suspended High Priestess allowing us to see how these two cards tie together nicely. This card speaks of karmic fulfillment and a job well done. As indicated by the women above and the men below we get a sense of breaking away from conventionalism, the patriarchy no longer applies and the women seem to rise to the top of jubilation. The men when taking a closer peek at their faces seem to also be giphy.gifcontemplating what is happening around them adding to the theme of deep contemplation of one’s actions. This card also speaks of trusting your intuition and is the prevalent theme here today outside of contemplation and a job well done. Take a look at your life, how you live it and what you would like to be different about it. The trumpet is symbolic of an awakening of the spirit that allows one to begin to really see things as they truly are and to become enlightened. The golden color of both the angel, the helmet and the trumpet itself indicate the power of the Sun which brings abundance, luck and good news. Things will get better and this goes nicely with the other previous cards that tell the same tale. If you are in a long-term relationship or marriage this emerald accents of the helmet symbolize the heart chakra and indicate a rekindling/reconciliation of your relationship and tells us that beautiful and inspiring things will begin to blossom in this arena. It is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new dawn. What was once hidden from us will soon be revealed. Where we once sat in the doom and gloom of bad situation after bad situation will finally come to an end. We can begin to let go and walk the path of success unincumbered. Greatness is coming to you, you need only to trust in that, trust in the process and allow yourself to be great! Heed the call from your soul that now is the time to reflect, learn and when it is time take action and finish what you started so that you can make way for the next big thing. Do you boo! Nothing is going to get in your way and you do have the energy of this Moon to thank for that, the cards are just pointing it out for you.

Tah Witches!



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