Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Haaaaay Witches! So we totally skipped Monday altogether as this Witch had some serious things to work on and dreams to manifest and cultivate herself! Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can take two steps forward, know what I mean?


Anywho, it’s a new week and there are other decks to explore. This week we’re taking it back to tarot basics with the Gilded Deck. This beautiful beginners deck was actually my first deck as well and I was fortunate enough to receive it as a gift. If you want one of your own you can check it out here and snag one for yourself.  This week we will be using a three card spread. The three cards together will determine the energy and we’ll look at all of the clues given by each card and their association with each other to get the full scope of what we can expect out day to be like. So let’s get started.


Good Goddess, it’s only the beginning of the week and it seems like we’ve already got some major issues to deal with. Let’s just say the phrase of the day is, “Protect ya neck!” There is someone out there who is pretending like they’re on your team but really they’re a double agent with their own agenda. That agenda is to literally make you look bad, create blocks in your way and force your off the path you’ve been working so hard on. Haters gonna hate goes without saying but this is going to be a whole other level of “sh*t-nnaegins” so watch out!  Beginning with the first card we can see a young man who is working diligently and gives the appearance of a scholar. He has put in time and dedication towards his tasks and accumulated quite a bit because of it. However, this card is reversed and therefore suggest quite the opposite. There is a distinct lack of drive or ambition to achieve what is desired. Perhaps you feel limited by your surroundings, which includes people blocks or have developed a lazy false sense of security telling giphy-2.gifyourself that you can do very little and achieve greatness. But note that no one ever got anywhere close to their goals in a half-assed fashion. So do the work that’s needed or expect that you reap what you sow. Don’t rush as a haphazard approach really reduces the quality of your efforts. Remember, quality over quantity in everything you do. Don’t get sucked into the idea that you can cheat the system to achieve success either or you’ll be met by the swift hand of karmic justice, and if the intentions are illegal you’ll be met by that swift hand as well. There are consequences for your actions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, consider that before running yourself into more trouble. Don’t let yourself become peer pressured into anything that will get you into some serious trouble, stay grounded, stay focused and say “No.” Looking cool to others doesn’t mean anything when you’re being punished for it.

Continuing into the 7 of Swords we begin to see a pattern emerging. Here stands a man bearing a shady look on his face walking out with 5 swords bundled in his arms and two that he may have dropped in his haste to make a break for it. He is headed for the exit gate and it is safe to assume that he has most likely stolen or acquired these swords by ill means. A cat stands near one of the fallen swords, symbolizing independence or independent movement in general. As the swords govern thought and communication we can see that this card deals a lot with having thoughts on participating in some giphy-3.gifsneaky underhanded dealings and making moves unbeknownst to the other party. As you can probably assume this would lead to a confrontation of some sort and create hindrances for yourself whether you are the one participating in the bad deal or the victim of it. Clearly, when one’s work is taken from them it produces a sense of being held back which is something else that this card represents. The sloppiness of the thief in question, leaving swords behind from taking more than he can carry symbolizes a need to rush and the quality of execution of plans being undone. Yet another warning to do the work properly and take your time in all that you do. This card can also indicate that perhaps the limitations are at no fault of your own. Some things are just simply out of your control and you have no choice but to seek alternative action in order to achieve your goal.

Being thwarted or deceived by another carries its presence into the next card, The Queen of Swords. In her upright position, she is strong, regal and capable of being both diplomatic and confrontation if need be. In her reversed state she is a woman of pure stubbornness, malice, and deception. Court cards tend to indicate either yourself in the reading or reveal that there is another in the mix. If you feel that this is you take the time to check yourself. if you believe that it may be another in your midst then be wary and watchful of those who try to get to close. Don’t make any sudden movements, go slow as the ones who are plotting against your are watching your every little move. Don’t give them any reason to suspect you and don’t give them anything to work with in order to giphy-4.gifbring about your fall. Deception to the detriment of others is the main theme here today and you should pay close attention to your circle. Also, take note of anyone new who tries to muscle their way into your life. Don’t let anyone try to convince you that they can be trusted because this card indicates that there is someone out there playing the “fake friend.” They will try their absolute best to persuade you and talk you into telling personal intimate things about yourself that are near and dear to your heart and then use them against you. This typically comes in the form of gossip and rumors but if this “frenemy” can find other ways to hurt you or mess your life up trust me, dearie, they will.  Today’s message, in the words of Drake, “No new friends.” Trust me hunni, you don’t need ’em.

See Ya Witches Wednesday!


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