Sunday, January 28, 2018

Well, Witches, it’s Monday eve, better known as Sunday and it’s time to start winding down all of the excitement from the weekend and getting back on the daily grind that keeps us going, or at least keeps the bills paid. We spend our Sunday reflecting, connecting with loved ones both physically present and not and dare I say it, concentrate on a little self-care to give us some sanity to hold onto during the hustle.


All of these forms of preparation and connection are action and as we’ll see below Spirit is definitely wanting us to act.


Today we have Mars, in Taurus in the 9th House of Mental Exploration Taurus has managed to stay with us since yesterday so we already know the kind of energy that it brings to the table. But when its matched with Mars it becomes more about action and less about gains and expansion. Mars, as we learned last week, is the planet that is full of energy and demands that energy to be used. It’s a planet that wants things to happen, consider it your call to action planet. Triumphs are evident at this time, as well as a boost in your tenacity and vitality as a whole. There’s still a focus on material possessions and success is measured to you by how much you have. That can have a negative side effect if you feel like you don’t have much to show for at this time. This energy is positioned in the 9th House, creating a strong and independent vibe. You become more open and receptive to new ideas that bring you success at this time, but if it could make your pockets light you might actually find yourself contradicting that openness with stubbornness. Today we really think about what will allow us to acquire the material possessions/money we desire and how we can make that happen right away.

Looking towards the advice given to us today from the spiritual perspective we’re told, “Energize your beliefs as if it/they came from all there is.”  I realize this one can come off as very confusing so let’s go over it. Energizing giphy.gifyour beliefs can mean a few things. You can be giving your beliefs life by beginning to work towards it with meditation or spell work to help manifest it or physical work itself that affirms what you believe in. The second half of that statement is “as if it/they came from all there is,” the concept of all there is would be the Universe as a whole, your inner God. When you know in your heart of hearts that what you believe in is right and you’ve seen the signs that affirm that belief then you shouldn’t just say, “Ok I get it.” Put some energy behind that in the form of thanks and celebrating the affirmations that come your way.

The mental aspect requests that we, “Confront the costs of the philosophies and laws involved.” Yesterday we said “pay the costs to be the boss” and it shows itself again today in a new form. This is referencing that its time to confront this energy rather than accept it. Take a look at your philosophies in life and then take note of the laws that govern these, do they hinder your belief structure or just limit it? If so then challenge it. Some of the best giphy-1.gifrevolutionaries of humanity were classified as lawbreakers and refused to accept the rules of the game that they felt was rigged against them. Let out your rebel yell and take on the challenge of being different. The costs may be steep, unfair and disenfranchising and that is something that is worth a full-on confrontation. If you’re the type of person who would normally shy away from this kind of behavior then think about other ways where you can confront some of the limitations that are placed on you.

“Force yourself to use the most direct way and do it in a big way.” Confrontation is not for the faint of heart, and energy requires a form of force. So at this time if you feel like your running out of steam to power giphy-2.gifyour dreams, or you’re just getting plain burnout, you can’t give up now. Let’s roll it all together, we’re energizing our beliefs, putting our foot down by confronting limitations of philosophies and common laws that surround that forcing our hand to be direct about what we’re expecting and planning to do and doing it in such a way that it’s undeniable to the other party. You’re the boss Witch, and you better let ’em all know what time it is! You’re going met with opposition but you’re a trailblazer baby and it’s time you make the way for those who will come after you.


Happy Fire Starting!


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