Saturday, January 27, 2018

Aaaaah, sweet, sweet, glorious Saturday. What could be better than knowing the weekend is in full swing and things are coming together in the ways we want them to?


Saturday might be the day for rest, relaxation and for some of us partying, but it should also be used for contemplation and reflection. A time when we can really let our minds wander about all we’ve experienced this week, especially with all of the “transform or die” energy that has been overwhelming. Spirit seems to feel the same as the Karma Cards below give us some more detail on what that means for us today.


Today we’ll keep things short and simple because duuuuuh, it’s Saturday. Jupiter buns up with Taurus and places that energy in the 10th House of Career & Public Standing. Jupiter is sometimes classified as the “good luck” planet, representing abundance due to its extremely large size. But let’s not forget that this planet also represents the ability to be giving and high spirited. Pair this energy with earthy, tactile, and materialistic Taurus and you’ve got a recipe that brings home the bacon, dresses it up and puts on display for the whole world to see. Abundance becomes the order of the day and with the Taurean energy forcing us to concentrate on wealth advancement, we can be sure to find some success in the ventures we chose to step foot into. Yesterday we were asked to follow our gut and find that we will stumble upon some great opportunities, and today is a really nice follow up for that kind of energy. Ya did good Witch. Taking a look at where Jupiter in Taurus is placed we can see that the specific arena where all these abundant vibes will be going towards, we see that our careers and public standing are going to be on and poppin’! I mean, who doesn’t want some good luck in their career, who doesn’t want to have an excellent standing in the social world, social media world etc. Being the “it person” of the day will open up even more doors than you otherwise thought were possible this week. So let’s think about it, earlier in the week we were asked to help others before ourselves, then we were asked to concentrate on what we want personally, then we were asked to act on it without stepping on anyone’s toes and now we’re basically getting good karma from putting in that werk! Pat yourself on the back if you haven’t already Witch because this is how the Universe works for you! Like they say, “Faith without works is dead,” a phrase here which means putting in work will get you blessed all the way up!

Let’s look at the Karma Cards statements for the day and take note of the advice they have for us as well roll in the money and the joys of feeling paid. The spiritual advice  is to, “Learn or teach your beliefs responsibly.” I giphy-1.gifthink that’s pretty fair. Don’t just teach all willy nilly and half-assed and put some responsible effort into both your learning process and your teaching process. Being responsible in this context means sharing without thumping your belief structure over people’s heads. It means being patient and answering questions the best you can and admitting when there is something you actually don’t know. It’s paying attention to your audience and making sure that you don’t offend, confuse or accuse anyone in the process. It’s also taking note of your audience so that you teach them in a way that they can receive and understand, everyone learns differently and that’s something that should be considered.

Taking a gander at the mental we’re asked to, “Be positive about the costs of success.” Don’t get it twisted, “You gotta pay the cost to be the boss,” is a true to life statement. There are nights where you won’t sleep, haters who will giphy.gifdo anything to steal your shine and plenty of people who will get mad at you for not succumbing to their every little whimsy. You will feel overworked and underappreciated at times, and feeling spread so thin that if one more thing were to come your way you just might crack. But in the words of 2pac, “Ya got to keep ya head up,” things are always darkest before the dawn and stars shine in the darkness, so expect that there will be some sacrifices made in your rise to the top. But stay focused and remain positive when things seem like they aren’t worth it because indeed they are. So don’t running for the emergency shut off switch, just take a second to breathe, remind yourself of what it is you’re trying to achieve channel that focus and get back on stage hunni.

Finally, we see that the advice of the physical is, “Grow and expand, use the most direct way and become a person of power and status.” And I think that literally ties in perfectly with what I was just saying. Keep growinggiphy-6.gif loves, keep taking those opportunities that make you excited about the future. Keep finding new ways to express yourself and find that the world resonates with you. As you seize the moments you will stumble upon the best and most direct path to help you achieve the “power and status” that you so desire. Not to mention you’ll be trusting your intuition all along the way allowing yourself to become the person your higher self wants you to be. So get out there and makes some noise!!! Get thee out of bed and put yourself out there for opportunities to flourish in front of your eyes. Strive for the best, swerve the worst and get yo’ fame Witch! You deserve it.


Peace, Love & Good Vibes Tribe!


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