Friday​, January 26, 2018

We made it!!!!! It’s Friyay and weekend is finally, finally here!


Phew! Have we had to put that werk into overtime or what Witches? This week we’ve talked about serving others, making our circle smaller, creating a network that facilitates our dreams and just plain ol’ growing the hell up spiritually! It has been a doozy of ups and downs and turnarounds and now we just might be able to close our eyes and just vibe. But before we even start thinking about that let’s see what Spirit has to say before we shut down for the day.


Keeping everything in the same so as not to cause confusion in our search to find ourselves this week, we’re sticking to the Karma Cards and boy do they have some things to say to us today. Looks like we might not quite get the break we were looking for. The energy of the Moon just keeps on trucking although it has shifted its position from Sagittarius to Cancer, the sign it rules. The Moon in Cancer in the 2nd House of Possessions is what’s in store for us dearies. Sweet, emotionally connected and highly psychic Moon when in its ruling sign of Cancer allows us to really get a mushy and learn to be more empathetic to the ones we love. Our loyalties run deeper with this energy and that can make us pretty damn protective over our clique. Since there’s a ton of feminine energy going on here you can definitely expect to be more receptive rather than projective at this time. Make sure you protect ya neck so you don’t wind up with people pressing their negative energy onto you and turning you into a pity party machine. No one likes those. And speaking of receptive energy and being energetically dumped on by others try not to get too moody over it. Remember the energy you surround yourself with will strongly affect you today, so make sure you fill your day with good vibes and happy tribes. This energy is sitting in the 2nd House of Possessions, which pretty much backs the previous statement. You’re able to create your little ass off and the bonus is…cash! You’ll be able to keep your eye on the money ball and get some things rolling into your piggy bank. But you’ve got to use the energy, like they say, “use it or lose it.” That law. Oh and do us all a favor while you’re creating your fabulous life and making money off of your own magickal drive, don’t be stingy! Greediness is an ugly trait and sometimes an unfortunate side effect of this kind of energy, so you’ve been warned.

Take a look at the advice for today so that we can figure out the best way to channel all of this goodness, and do our best to avoid the potential drama of the day. Spiritually the advice that is needed is, “Defend your feelings patiently.” I’ll keep this one short and sweet, don’t a doormat but don’t be douche. There are good ways to get your point across and bad ones too, it’s called tact. If someone is in a hot and fiery mood and you think they just won’t hear you wait, then wait it out, you’ll have your time to share how you’re feeling soon enough. Be patient young grasshopper. Looking at the advice on how to handle our mental, it states, “Accept attitudes from the past about what you want.” This includes both what attitudes you’ve carried the torch for in regards to what you want as much as it means the attitudes of others. Have you told yourself you can’t have something, achieve something, be something? Accept that you once felt that way, acknowledge that now you don’t and press on like giphy-5.giffake nails. When it comes to the attitudes of others just utilize that sympathetic energy that Cancer gave you today and tell yourself it’s time to accept that people are who they are, they will think and feel as they choose. That actually has nothing to do with you. Each and every person is an individual who draws in and creates their own microcosm, what’s in there is what they wanted it to be even if they can’t see that for themselves and they try to invent reasons for its existence. You make your bed, you sleep in it, whatever is in there is in there. Find some peace in that thought process. All that you can do is sympathize, nod your head, hold your tongue, and move forward. Remember the spiritual advice is to be patient with how you express your emotions at this time so don’t go blowing your top over what someone else has to say, past or present.

The advice about the physical realm or what we need to be doing physically is this, “Let your feelings tell you how to use your intuition and get what you need.” Water, water everywhere and that means a stronger connection with our higher selves, our inner God/Goddess. Let it be the driver for now and you’ll thank yourself for it in the near future. You know what you have need of, you’ve literally spent all week focusing on that. Now is the time to have an exercise in perfect trust with your higher self. Consider it a proverbial trust fall. Be open to the concept that you know you’re being properly guided at this time. Never made true contact with your higher self you say? Sure you have! If you ever got that feeling in your gut like you shouldn’t do something and then you find out later it was the smart move, that was your higher self-calling. If you’ve ever felt ridiculously drawn to something even if it was strange or out of your ordinary, guess who that was? Higher self! So today let your consciousness take a load off and trust in those feelings of yours. If you want to feel protected as you wind your way down the road of intuitive decision making keep an amethyst in your pocket. Those are great for protecting your psychic energy and brushing off the haters. If you don’t have access to one try an affirmation like, “I am safe, I am protected, I am divinely guided by my higher self.” You can either say to yourself several times when you get nervous or write the affirmation down and keep it in your pocket to look at it as you need it. I mean it’s Friday people! Can’t we all just relax, let ourselves be and trust in the process? I think we can, in fact I know we can!

Until Saturday Witches!


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