Thursday, January 25, 2018

Finally! The weekend is almost here and it couldn’t come fast enough. This week has been all about transformation, clean sweeping our lives, and focusing on the people we love and generating a love of self. We’ve all been taking the time we need to assess our lives and now it’s almost time to kick back, relax and enjoy the weekend.


Yesterday’s energy requested that we already start this process by focusing on fun, romance, and creative energy. But we’ve got a long way to go before we can achieve true happiness. Let’s see what the Karma Cards have for us today.


Energy from the Moon in Sagittarius in the 3rd House of Communication is what we’ll be dealing with on this day. Aaaah the Moon, a planet that is deeply connected to water and therefore emotions. It also holds the power to connect with the Higher Self and the Goddess. With the Moon, we connect to our basic instincts casting aside our usual thought processes in favor of our true nature and intuitions. Perhaps this is why so many people seem to change dramatically during the course of the Full Moon. When the Moon places itself in fiery, fun loving and charismatic Sagittarius, we see that desire to seek out something new and exciting. We become almost freed from our usual fears and limited beliefs and seek out new activities that inspire us and give us that optimism that Sagittarius is so well known for. Adventure and good times become the order of the day. If we cannot act on that then the energy shifts and we become fidgety and bored with our surroundings and may even wind up resenting the company we’ve chosen to be around. We may even flit from person to person, activity to activity only to find ourselves bored further still, so watch out for that.

This energy nestles itself in the 3rd House of Communication, indicating how we speak and convey what we want, what we need, what our dreams are and really what is going on inside of that brain of ours. When the Moon in Sagittarius is placed inside of the third house our emotional selves are in the driver seat steering us from occurrence to occurrence without any proper directions. We feel the need to do this because we’re attempting to drive ourselves away from the day to day mundanity and focus primarily giphy-1.gifon being a thrill-seeker which has little or no time for daily responsibilities. Forcing these average everyday tasks to take a back seat. The benefit of this energy is that it makes us curious, we poke and prod and fumble our way around until we’ve discovered something new and exciting. It may even foster that creative energy that we’ve been working with since yesterday and find that it is really boosting us in this area. However, you have to still handle your shit for lack of a better term and this makes us feel caged in and creates a sense of cabin fever which could make us behave in a rebellious fashion. There may also be the tendency to meddle in the affairs of others either just for kicks or because their situation has somehow triggered your emotions and you feel the need to express yourself in this arena. Try your best to avoid the pitfalls of this energy or it will leave you picking up the pieces and possibly lose some good friends you’ve just spent all week vetting. Not to mention it will literally contradict all of the energy of service you’ve put into others and make you seem childish and only out to help others because it somehow is helping you, appearing selfish over selfless.

Taking a look at the messages associated with the cards we can see that they are advising us to take action that may help us out during this time. Not only will it benefit to follow this advice given the energy but it will allow us to continue down that path of focus on what one believes. Take a look at the first line in the picture that starts with “S.” The spiritual advice is  to “Defend your highest ideals by making the right connections.” Excellent advice when the energy is asking for adventure and new associations. If we channel that into a specific focus we can actually continue to achieve some of the deeper desires and goals we’ve been eyeballing. Networking is a great way to utilize the energy of the day and keeps us from meddling in things that shouldn’t be. Moving to the advice on how we should be thinking or the mental aspect it says, “Accept the rules of the idea in question.” Note that everything we set out to do in life may come with its limitations giphy-2.gifand boundaries. We were informed of that the other day when Saturn’s energy was prevalent as it is the planet that concerns itself with limits and duty. Be accepting of the idea that you might not get everything as picture perfect as you want. There may be laws governing what you want to do or perhaps a desire you have is only shared by a few or even questioned by those around you. You may even be living with someone who doesn’t want you to participate in something you otherwise would if you were living alone. Examine your ideas and acknowledge what it is being governed by. After all, the rules are the rules and they are in place for a reason. Sometimes its to protect society as a whole and sometimes it’s just to keep you from going off the deep end. Even in magick there are some lines you really shouldn’t cross unless you want the sincere karmic consequences to rain down on you no matter how bad you want to do it. Take it for what it is and do what you can, be creative about your options, you have the proper energy today to explore what those might be.

Finally, we reach the advice on the physical, “Let your feelings tell you how to get it out to the world and get your ideas going.” In this case, I would say instincts more than feelings since this too is governed by the Moon and your instincts are being projected from your higher self. If you get a good “feeling” or vibe about something or someone you want to connect with that will allow you to achieve what you set out to do then go with that. It’s okay, trust yourself that you’re making the right choice. Today is the energy that wants us to communicate but on a broader spectrum than we might otherwise be inclined to do. Don’t hold back but do keep focused. It would be a shame if all of your ideas have gone to pot because you were too afraid of expressing yourself or establishing the right connections. Or that you fed into restless energy instead of funneling into the right areas for good use. You can get things started today, use that adventurous spirit that is speaking to you now ask it to guide to the right network that will help you reach greatness and give you what you need. Remember, don’t meddle, and don’t sit idle twiddling your thumbs, acting nervous or childish because nothing is happening for you. If things aren’t coming into place today it’s only because you’re utilizing the energy incorrectly so shift your mindset and get out there! The world is waiting!


See Ya Friyay!


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