Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hey, hey, hey Witches you know what day it is?


That’s right it’s hump day and we’re halfway through the week we’ve been working some major transformations, focusing on giving service to others, focusing on our deepest wants and desires and clearing out the clutter that is plaguing our joy of living. So let’s get into it and see what the Karma Cards have for us today.


The energy that surrounds us today is Mercury in Pisces in the 5th house of Creativity and Sex. Mercury is the planet that governs the mind, how we think and where we channel those thoughts and even our ability to set intent which is very, very important. Our thoughts literally govern our ability to set things in motion, in other words, it’s the part of us that allows us to manifest. This planet also channels our ability to communicate those ideas and thoughts that enter our mind and affects our throat chakra and ear chakras allowing us to be able to absorb and translate what we’re hearing and how we are speaking to those around us. Pisces is better known as being dreamy, emotional and psychic as well, courtesy of it being a water sign and feminine. Feminine energy is receptive energy and receptivity is the part that allows us to connect with our higher self, our inner God. This sign is also mutable, meaning that it has the ability to flex accordingly with its environment. Feelings and intuition will be stronger on this day so take note of anything that sets your “spidey senses” at tingle and watch how each event and the people you come into contact with today make you feel. The 5th house of Creativity and Sex allows us to focus on not only relationships and our ability to manifest because that’s creative forces do naturally, but it is also the place where pleasurable activities reign supreme.

When Mercury sits in the sign of Pisces, we can expect to become introduced or re-introduced to psychic “ah ha!” moments in our life. Our intuition actually becomes stronger and we seek the truth in all that surrounds us, allowing us to sniff out the lies and acknowledge that every lie has a ring of truth to it, no matter how ridiculous the deception may seem at the time. We become more sympathetic to others around and us consider the fact that every single one of us is human and that humans have faults and should not be railroaded because of a mistake. This is the energy of seeking to understand. This ties in perfectly with the energy we’ve been feeling this week, as we empty out the skeletons from our closet and take a closer look at the people we choose to interact with, we begin to see them in a new light. This is good because it allows us to avoid situations where we might find ourselves judging our circle too harshly. Allowing us to avoid alienating people under the guise of changing our lives. Not everyone is a bad guy/woman we just need to take them as they are and make an honest and forgiving evaluation of those people. We see them as individuals with their own life choices and experiences and we see how those instances affect them and those around them including ourselves. We also allow ourselves to open up to new people and don’t become closed off as a means of protecting our necks and living in fear that everyone is out to vampirize us. So do yourself a favor and keep this mind so that you don’t go playing judge, jury, and executioner during this transitional process of spiritual evolvement.

All of this energy funnels itself into the 5th house and really lets us behave in footloose and fancy-free style, we formulate new friendships and participate in activities that giphy-1.gifmake us happy. For some of us, we might even find people that we can connect with on an even deeper level than before and let our higher self act as our guide letting us know if we need to swipe left or nah. Things get a bit more exciting today so feel free to put yourself out there and put trust in yourself that you’re safe and that you’re a good judge of character at this time. For some us already engaged in relationships, we may find that we are reconnecting with our favorite human, our partner and the love may overflow right now. Creating a deeper connection with our partners is all part of the process of strengthening relationships so get close, get comfy and let your hair down.

As we look to the cards we can see that today is more of an advice-giving day, take a look at the picture above and note the first line marked by an “S” as we delve into the spiritual advice for today. It states ” Communicate your dreams with the trust of a child.” For a lot of us that is easier said than done. Putting trust in people to share our deepest wishes and the things that we dream about and hope for in our lives makes us feel vulnerable and exposed. But think about how kids share not only how they feel but what they aspire to be and what they love doing. They do this effortlessly and don’t really concern themselves with the judgment of others. Kids don’t really have a filter, they literally created a T.V. show about the “crazy” things that kid say because they aren’t tied down to the standard adult rules of conservatism. So allow yourself to really open up, snatch that filter from your mouth and put trust in others and ignore the fears of potential rejection. If someone truly loves and cares for you they will hear you because they simply want to see you happy and will encourage you to act on that desire. If they are not, well then you’ve managed to take another step closer to knowing who needs to be weeded out of your circle, it’s that simple. The mental advice of the day, what we should be thinking about is, “Analyze your idealization of fun, romance and making art.” Take the time to consider even further, as we have been all week, on what you want out of life. What do you consider to be fun, and communicate that to the people freely and you will find others who enjoy the same. If your love life is seemingly stale take the time to contemplate on what it would take for you to feel properly satisfied in that department. And above all find what gives you that creative spark! When people create there is a sense of satisfaction, completion and success. All of this energy will steamroll itself into the other aspects we’ve already discussed and life will burn a little bit brighter for you.

From the physical, the advice is this, “Let your mind tell you how to be a part of something overwhelming and do it dramatically.” Slightly confusing I’m sure but it’s like giphy-2.gifthis. If we are thinking about what brings us joy and pleasure, about what we can create/manifest into our lives we’re already letting our mind do the work. Change itself can be overwhelming and when we start communicating that to others and then acting on it, it can be daunting. But don’t be alarmed not only can it be done but it can be done with flair. Dramatic as a word does not always mean “Love and Hip Hop” style drama. When we do something in dramatic fashion it can be that we do it big and don’t look back or concern ourselves with fear of judgment, again putting in the trust of a child. So get out there, communicate, mingle and above all enjoy yourself today, you’ve done some hard work so far this week and now it’s time to kick back and throw a party!

See You On the Flipside!



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