Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Another day, another slay as we make our way through this week. Yesterday we concentrated on laying the foundation blocks to our true happiness and similar energy seems to present itself here today as well. Did you take the time out yesterday to really sit and think about what you want in life? What about the habits you could break or the negative energy and people you opt to be around? If not consider today like a second chance as we take a closer look at what the Karma Cards have to say about it.


Today we have Mars in Aries in the 8th House of Death & Regeneration, and I’m sure it’s starting to feel a little bit like deja vu. As we take a look at the cards we can see that Mars has presented itself yet again calling us to action and demanding energy to be in motion. So yesterday we were asked to be patient and recognize not only our responsibilities but to acknowledge that there will be times when we are limited in our capabilities and we must have hope and courage to sit on the bench and wait to be called into the game, and baby, you know what time it is! See? That wasn’t so long of a wait really was it? And with Mars actually being in the sign that it governs, it pretty clear that movement, action, and courageousness are being called for today.

When Mars is in Aries it calls us to be honest with ourselves and with others aside from just being brave. A business-like mindset emerges and we focus on getting things done and doing them in an efficient manner. However, we need to keep in mind that sometimes this energy, like the world of business, can be cutthroat and so much to the point that the sheer bluntness of it can be hella off-putting. Keep in mind what I said yesterday about not rubbing people’s noses in your power and dismissing the needs and desires of others. Occasionally when we get into this “What’s in it for me? How can I profit from this?” mindset, we miss the forest for the trees because we’re only in it for ourselves. Sure there is nothing wrong with wanting the opportunity to elevate oneself, just try not to step on the necks of too many people when you do. Others around you will really resonate with your energy and you should channel that to suit the common good. Help you and help all the best you can so as to avoid the guillotine. Seek to be diplomatic rather than dogmatic and dictatorial. Nobody likes a “bossy pants” but everyone loves a team player. Remember that Witches.

Drawing this energy into the 8th house of Death & Regeneration and considering the energy of yesterday, it’s clear to see that prior to today we opted for death and introspection in order to truly understand what that means to us personally. But just as the night gives way to the dawn we must understand that after death there is life, a new life that must be nurtured and made a way for.  Today we focus more on the regeneration aspect, giphy.gifwe are the phoenix rising from the ashes, a fledging looking to be fed and taught how to fly. We’ve been fortunate enough in our “dying” process that we already have the foundational education we need to know what must be done now all we need do is apply it. That is why action and assertiveness via Mars in Aries is so important. When you think about how things grow in nature, though in some cases it may be slower than others, there is still a period where rapid unstoppable growth comes into play. A mother bird forces her chicks out of their nest in order to teach them how to fly. Hell, even some humans will toss their young children into a pool as a means of teaching them how to swim. The expectation is that you can learn from experience instead of just being given the play by play directions. These are courses of action that demand action in return. Because like attracts like silly! Get it? Good. So, be actionable in your growth process and seek out experiences that will continue you down this path of spiritual evolution. If there is still more old skin to shed, then shed it and forge ahead unhindered by the past. I’m sure for some of you who are reading this you’re thinking that may be easier said then done but take it from me, it only becomes hard to do if you tell yourself that it’s hard. If you recognize that from time to time you may slip back and regress, tell yourself it’s okay and then redirect your focus back to the forward movement and things will be fine. Recognize that some things take time but so long as you do the absolute best you can and make no excuses for yourself, you will achieve anything and everything you set out to do.

So as we look back up to the cards above we notice that the words are blue, indicating that today Spirit wants you to know the actual outcome of this energy, the overall outcome of your day. Let’s look at the spiritual aspect, if you are following along via the photo then it will be the first line at the top marked with an “S” beside it. It states that from a spiritual perspective we can expect, “The drive for energies to the meet the challenges of personal power.” We spent time yesterday laying the groundwork, and once we get a schematic in mind or list out our goals or simply just contemplate what is giphy-2.gifneeded often times we are ready to take action. You have aggressively progressive Mars in Aries to thank for that. Now we know what our soul is yearning for and now we wish to seek it out, so do so! If you’re wishing for a life of more abundance, take the time to place yourself in an area that has the “finer” and “fancier” things and allow that energy to permeate your being. This is a form of hypnosis in a sense as you’re training your mind to lowkey attract these things that you are surrounding yourself with. If you desire to want to know more, take a walk around a local university campus and let the energy of all of those who too wish to gain more knowledge surround your being. Finally, if you’re looking for peace find a place where people are peaceful or so that you are alone and allowed to seek this peace yourself and let that energy enter you as well. Whatever it is you’ve been searching for you can find it in your surroundings or neighboring surroundings at least and this energy will allow you to attract what you need into your life.

Taking a look at the mental perspective of the day it states, “The confronting of your desires regarding the mysteries of life.” This goes perfectly with the spiritual statement because the things that elude you in your life are essentially mysterious and therefore you desire to learn more about it. You will look to these things, confront them by asking your higher self “What do you want?” And it will come to you so that you must understand what it is and seek it out. Pretty simple right? Finally, we have the physical giphy-4.gifaspect that we can expect to encounter today. “Action resulting from the honesty and strength of major change.” Well damn, doesn’t it all just run together today or what? We began with the motivation to gain personal power, that steamrolled into confronting that which doesn’t serve us and began asking the questions we have concerning our deeper wants and desires and now we’re taking action on them. Note that it states “…resulting from the honesty and strength of major change,” Taking on the tasks of meeting the demands of higher self actually forces our hand to change. Because let’s be honest, most of the time we’ve created a world for us that is built on the expectations of others, people pleasing our way through life for the short dopamine buzz of a good ol’ fashioned pat on the ass and someone saying, “Good job.” But when we chose to do what truly makes us happy and what we’re truly called to do in this life we tend to set others off because we are no longer meeting that expectation. We’ve shattered this vision they’ve impressed upon us and begin to form a new lifestyle entirely. But if we remain strong and steadfast we can expect things to change and change is action in itself. You’ve got all the right stuff, and all the right energy working through you now so get out there and make some magick Witches!

Push It To the Limit Witch!


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