Monday, January 22, 2018

Haaaay!!!! It’s the birthday of and it’s truly an exciting time. This blog started out as something small and has grown despite the random disappearing acts  from time to time so that this little creator could work on some introspection and spiritual growth, but enough about that you’re here for the Daily Divinations so “Happy 1st Birthday Boss Up Lil Witch!”…and here we go!


Today we shift our focus from the realm of service in action and channel our focus more toward our ideals and what we want to see manifest in our lives. This energy is perfect considering this is what we’re asked to focus on this Aquarius season in “Tha Snatch” 

So let’s take a closer look via our Karma Cards and see just what advice the Universe has in store for us today!


Today’s energetic focus is brought to you by Saturn in Sagittarius in the 8th House. Saturn is the planet that beckons us to be responsible and do the right thing when it’s time. Sometimes this energy can seem like a real bummer when we want to do what we feel like instead of being held accountable for our daily duties. This planet gives the vibe that we need to be self-disciplined and stay the course in order to achieve success in our projects and our day to day tasks. It is realistic about what is needed and forces us to be patient and wait it out, and do the work until we achieve results. This patience allows us to face adversity head on and handle anything that comes our way with diligence and grace and courage.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, is the sign that is known for being both an optimist, and flashy and exciting, which helps when the ish hits the proverbial fan. But sometimes this energy can have us picking away at all the 1,001 projects we start and don’t quite seem to finish. Allowing ourselves to become scattered and then later frustrated by all that we’ve done and yet managed to complete nothing, sort of a “Jack of all trades, master of none” kind of mindset. This sign also has the tendency to be the great BFF that we all hope to have, always there to wipe our tears away and say “There, there dear,” delivering a bit of joy and hope where we might not otherwise have any. Sagittarius is basically the “Yes Man” of the zodiac leaving us open to all manner of possibilities! The two of these energies, Saturn in Sagittarius work well together as Saturn will keep us focused, real about our circumstances and strong while Sagittarius will keep us uplifted as we make our way through the mud.

All of this energy as a whole becomes funneled into the 8th house of Death and Regeneration allowing us to really tackle the things that we would otherwise find difficult to master. Keep in mind for those who are squeamish about the word “death” it does not mean a physical one. Death and regeneration are not only the physical cycles of nature but also the spiritual cycles as well. As one karmic cycle ends and dies out another one takes its place. So it’s time to ask yourself, what has left you holding the bag, or holding yourself back in this life? Is it fear? Anxiety? Self- doubt? Consider these deeper internal issues and really consider what it is that has been bothering you up until this point. Put a star next to them in your mind and begin the process of working out the kinks of your spirit, you already have all that you need with this energy and that will get you through successfully. Saturn promises that with hard work you will receive your just rewards and with the optimism of Sagittarius you will maintain hope throughout the messy process. Today seek to become transformed and made anew. giphy-1.gifSay goodbye to the darker more negative vibes that you have not only inhabited within yourself but that you have surrounded yourself within the process. Remember, like attracts like, therefore if you are committing yourself to negative and self-destructive behaviors, you will, in turn, attract an abundance of negative energy. Even though spring hasn’t sprung yet it doesn’t mean you can’t “clean house,” so break out ya sage and get zen because it’s time to do a major overhaul in your life.

As we look to the cards again we can see that the message today is one of advice instead of outcome as we saw yesterday. From a spiritual perspective, the advice that is given is pretty straightforward. “Be realistic about your highest ideals as a life or death issue.” I mean that’s pretty clear-cut. When you’re in a situation that is life or death we tend to try harder and do more in order to either fight the tide or run from it entirely. So get real with yourself about what you truly value in your life and take it hella seriously. Now is not the time to be haphazard about what we desire, now is the time to say “Oh hell no, this gotta go!” and press forward courageously and with an open heart knowing that despite the potential upsets of clearing out both people and situations that you don’t hold in the highest regard you are going to be fine, better than fine, you’re going to excel. The advice on what we should focus on mentally is, “Be concerned about the rules of getting and using power.” In other words, consider the path you will take to get to that higher power, the higher self and think about all that it entails, “the rules of the game” essentially. Keep in mind, and without sounding too cliche, with great power comes great responsibility (thank you Saturn) and therefore some limitations may be in place and patience is definitely a requirement. Once you acquire power don’t be a dick and brag about how great your life is and how the “peasants” are struggling so hard. You act like Marie Antoinette, you get your head chopped off like her too. So spare yourself the coup and drop the “Let them eat cake” attitude.

Finally, the advice on how to handle ourselves in the physical realm or even with our actual bodies, whichever resonates with you personally, is this “You must wait before you can get it out to the world and use other people’s resources.” Now, this may sound a bit cryptic so let’s think about this one for a second. The waiting game isn’t everyone’s favorite game so let’s be honest with ourselves about that. We are a people of the modern era and that means instant gratification. “I want what I want and I want it right now!” and we even throw little-grown baby temper tantrums when things don’t move like we want them to. We need to actually take the time to grow. We can’t go putting the cart before the horse and expect things to run smoothly. Seek inspiration from others who have taken the time to evolve and grow especially the ones who had to plow through numerous amounts of adversity to get there. Adversity builds character and as Margo from “The Magicians” so aptly put it “Magic doesn’t come from sunshine and rainbows, it giphy-3.gifcomes from pain.” Even when our bodies physically blossom from childhood to adulthood we experience a physical pain that we commonly refer to as “growing pains.” It’s uncomfortable, it’s messy but in the end, it’s worth it and part of the natural order of things so don’t shy away from it. Once we’ve blossomed into the spirit we want to become we can share that with the world and in turn inspire others just as those who came before inspired us to grow. So peek behind the curtain of self, ask yourself what is needed in order to create a microcosm fitting of your higher self and weed out your spiritual garden of all the things that choke and stifle the flowers of your soul.

Stay Hopeful My Friends!


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