Tha Snatch & Tha Need to Chill

The new year is long gone, we’ve surpassed Capricorn season, got our grounding on and trampled the hell out of fears and anxieties that were holding us back from everything we desire and made it do what it does through the hardest part of the fight.  So a round of applause, you go Witch!


This time we’re focusing on what needs to be done during this Aquarius season in order to continue that evolution that we’ve all been working so damn hard on. This reading is provided by Spirit and the Gilded Deck, a traditional deck that’s typically used for beginners and since let’s face it we’re just getting started this year it’s pretty fitting that we use the beginner deck.


This card that comes up is the Four of Swords, better known as the “You gots to chill” card and that’s pretty fitting since we’ve been going hard with our transformation work for quite some time. So let’s break this card down:

giphy.gif4 is considered a balance number courtesy of the fact that we typically represent the Earth as having 4 elements, air, fire, earth, and water. These elements are always represented in spellwork for the exact same reason, balance. Whenever 4’s appear it means that things are stabilizing themselves and we should stop worrying so much. So the next time you see 4’s while you’re out and about take a breath and know that whatever you’re worried about things are coming together and it’ll get worked out soon. Likewise, if you see this number and you feel out of whack, consider 4 as a call to action to seek out the balance in the areas of your life that desperately need attention.  Have you been good to yourself lately? Sometimes when we’re pushing to achieve greatness in our lives we actually forget to treat ourselves to some R&R and a little bit of pampering and attention goes a long way. So don’t sell yourself short as you wind your way down the path of awesomeness. It’s not a crime to take 5 minutes to yourself and just be instead of consistently running for the next move.

Now let’s take a closer look at the images on this card. When we look at it there are three swords pointing down looming above a man who is lying in a state of rest. But as we draw our eyes down the card we see he has his hand ready to snatch his sword just in case something pops off. He is seemingly relaxed but has an internal worry that if he were to rest he would wind up caught off guard. This to me paints a picture of someone who has been through so much that the mind is always focused on potential danger and in fear of lack of security and comfort. Even the color of the man’s bedspread and the pillow is red, the color of the root chakra which represents the security and comfort. When we are truly relaxed without a care in the world, we find ourselves less focused on security because we acknowledge that we already have all that we need at this time. So ask yourself this, are you just sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop? If so then go deeper and ask yourself why? This will help you to root out the source of your insecurity.

The swords themselves represent Air, which is fitting considering that we’re in a period of the air, Aquarius, and therefore mental thoughts and even communication are the big focus right now. Swords are also projective in nature not just because they are phallic symbols but also because of the element that they represent which is masculine in nature. At this time we’re projecting the energy of our personal thoughts on safety, security and communicating that to either ourselves or our inner circle. How much we value it, how we’re willing to fight for it and how it keeps us on our toes and rules our current thoughts is the mood of the season right now. Try not to get too combative when it comes to this and don’t be stingy remember that energy is a give and take and those that hold back from others hold back from themselves as well. Let your love flow out and love will flow back to you. Let your money ruled thoughts go and remind yourself that abundance is already with you despite how it looks right now and it will present itself to you.

giphy-1.gifThe main keywords associated with this card, in general, are solitude, retreat, rest before the next “battle” begins, establishing solid foundations (thank you number 4!) and really thinking about what you want your future to look like. If you don’t feel like you’re living your best life right now this season is the time to seriously think about it and put it all into perspective for yourself. Remember you are the keeper of the keys when it comes to your life so don’t deceive yourself into thinking you don’t have what it takes to live the way you truly want to live because you can. Spend this time watching your thoughts, if you find yourself too focused on the negative begin a regiment of affirmations that remind you to not only be appreciative of what you already have but to get excited about what is to come.

Finally, let’s look at the colors here on the card and think about the chakras they associate with. This color information allows us to really in a way to really narrow down the specific chakra focus at this time so that we know where we should be placing our concentration when we’re not busy running our day to day lives. The colors in the card are silver, gold, sky blue, deep blue, purple and red. In regards to the chakras, the lighter shade of blue represents the throat, the area in which we communicate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. When this is blocked sometimes it can feel like a lump in the throat or we feel as if we cannot speak and be heard properly, in other words, our voices are quiet or we convince ourselves to be silent. The deep blue and purple occasionally interchange depending on the source but a deep blue is typically a representative of the third eye chakra, a place of psychic activity and therefore our connection with our higher selves. The purple or sometimes indigo reps the crown chakra which is our direct connection to our Soul Star, the part that is connected to God/Spirit/Universe, whichever term floats your broomstick. So the third eye connects to the crown that connects to the Univeral energy of All. Red, as was stated earlier, represents the root chakra and the place where our sense of security reigns supreme.

Chakras To Focus On This Aquarius Season: 

  • Root-Security
  • Throat- Communication
  • Third Eye- Psychic connectivity
  • Crown- God/Universe/All connection

But what about the silver and gold you ask? Silver is represented by the feminine and therefore receptive energy in nature and gold is the projective or masculine color. Note that the man is wearing the receptive color, wanting to receive connection with higher self and feel a sense of security and reaching for the projective color, desiring to project his energy if need be. In magick, protective spells are considered projective and he definitely looks like he’s ready to protect himself if need be right? Well, there you have it!

So if you’ve been working hard feel free to take a load off and allow yourself time to recoup before charging into the next daunting task. And if you’ve been feeling out of sorts and not quite grounded then Witch you’ve got some more work to do! But whatever you do remain positive throughout the process. Try to shift your perspective and project positivity in order to be a receiver of it. Keep in mind, like attracts like and this will help to see you through. Take the time to focus on the chakras above and this should help to attract stability and abundance into your life at this time. Be grateful for the things that you do have when you have rough days and celebrate the future! If you need to create a vision board and allow yourself to physically create the way you wish to live. If you don’t have time or funds for that write down what you want to see happen to you this year and beyond, and if you somehow don’t have the paper you can always use your phone. The whole point here is to let positivity and above all hope be the intent that you set for the future in order to attract happiness and prosperity into your life. Do this and all will be well, you got this!

Peace, Love & Good Vibes Witches!


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