Sunday, January 21, 2018

It’s been quite a sabbatical because I’ve been working on something extremely magickal! But as all good things come to an end, it’s time to get back to business my friends!

This week we’ll be using Karma Cards by Monte Farber to give us an in-depth look at what we can expect to see from our day or what advice Spirit has for us to get us through. These cards work in four ways:

  1. They have an astrological focus which helps to guide us on which planet, signs, and houses to steer our focus towards.
  2. The cards give statements for each aspect of our lives, the spiritual, the mental, and the physical needs of ourselves.
  3. Gives us very matter of fact statements as a form of advice on how we can handle ourselves, which are indicated by the red words.
  4. Also gives statements in regards to the actual outcome of the day so we know what to expect, those are indicated by the blue words.

Depending on how the cards are pulled this week, some days will be advice and some will be the outcome but I assure you it will always be helpful. So let’s get started and see what the day has in store for us!


As we can see today is an outcome day, giving us some insight into what we can expect to encounter as our day continues on. Here we have a focus on Mars, Capricorn and the 6th House of Service & Health.  Mars is a planet that demands action, as it is known as the planet of energy and assertion. Lastly, the earthy Capricorn is present in this reading beckoning us to channel our inner stability and focus. Typically when Mars enters into Capricorn it is a time when that energetic force is asked to be put under control, or creating a sense of balance, only to be used when you have to use it and essentially putting it back in the box when you’re finished. It’s a time when we channel our inner magnetism and when we enter a room we seem to draw and control the attention of all those who are close by. Nothing gets in your way when this planet enters this sign, you become quite stubborn when there are roadblocks and will plow your way through them, an attitude of “If you’re not for me, you’re against me.”  Needless to say, this attitude does not necessarily play well with others as you wish to be the boss of your life and you will not let anyone or anything come between you and your desires.
This almost seems like a contradiction as this energy is placed in the 6th house, a place where being of service to others is main focal point aside from personal health. However, when this high energy between Mars and Capricorn is placed in this house it typically indicates good health, so no illness today thank goodness! We can channel this “get it done by any means” attitude in the way we serve others and improve the lives of those around us. Today find a way or a place where you can be of service to others, be it friends, family or strangers, and channel that gung-ho attitude directly towards something that will increase the happiness and quality of life for others.

Now, onto the statements, these are the blue ones and that means we are focusing on the giphy.gifoutcome of the day at this time. Spiritually speaking, there is “The drive for dedication to achieve service to others.” Our spirit is calling us to take all of that take charge energy and use it for the common good as this will elevate our souls and the souls of others as good deeds not only help the one who does the deed but also the one who receives it. The mental aspect we should be focusing on at this time is “The confronting of focusing on what is good for us.” We need to sit and introspect not only how we can elevate others but in what way do we need to elevate ourselves? What is missing from our lives that could make it different and more prosperous than before? And by prosperous I mean on a mental, spiritual level aside from finances, although they all will tend to roll together when the first two conditions are elevated, most people in this day and age tend to only associate prosperity with money and that is not the case. Take the time out today to dig deep and focus on what really matters to you and what you would like to see change and start taking the steps towards that change, which leads us to the physical needs.

The physical statement on the cards can indicate what we must do physically with our bodies or just what is going on in the physical realm itself. Here we have the outcome statement, “Action resulting from the rules imposed by your work.”  This statement can seem a little tricky as sometimes we equate work with our actual day jobs and sometimes that may be true. However, I think it is safe to say that in this statement since we are concerning ourselves with the work we do for others and the work that must be done for ourselves giphy-2.gifthat we are again discussing service. Sometimes because of “the rules of the game” we are not able to do every little thing we set out to do both for ourselves and others. This can be frustrating and with this “do or die” energy that comes from Mars in Capricorn we tend to become both discouraged and stubborn as hell about how we want things done. Keep in mind that although we don’t necessarily agree with the rules and terms set before us that we must find a way to work with them in order to avoid catastrophe and hardship. We can take action but stay within the lines of reason set before us. So try not to take it personally if you can’t help in the way you want to, instead, seek to commit to an action that allows you to still be of service and stay within the boundaries required of you.

So dig deep my friends and help a Witch out to become the best version of themselves, and don’t forget to think about all the ways you can live your very best life and continue down the path of evolution that is set before you.

See Ya Tomorrow!


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