Planetary Activity November 13th-December 3rd

Ahhh finally! At long last, it’s the return of Planetary Activity! The format for this will change, as I’ve stated in the past that this is your week-to-week guide on all things regarding the energy of the planets and our affected chakras. My experiences since I’ve been away have given me new inspiration to work with the phases of the Moon as this too is vital to our energy. Each post from now on will range from Full Moon to Full Moon allowing us to take advantage of all that planetary goodness! Today’s post will be the only exception to this rule as it’s already past the Full Moon for November. Annnnd now that we got all the technical blather out of the way let’s see what the planets and stars have in store for us from now until the next Full Moon on December 3rd.


Monday, November 13- Saturday, November 18 (Last Quarter to New Moon)

Chakras to Focus on this week: Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Solar & Sacral

Monday: Venus conjuncts Jupiter:

Mercury squares Neptune:


Thursday: Venus trines Neptune:

Today will be much easier to transmute those “harder to reach” crevices of fear and pain that we all suffer from. A trine allows us to take proper advantage of the chakra energies ruled by Venus and Neptune. Take today to give attention to matters of the heart, relationships,





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