The Longest Transformation


Dear Scorpio Season,

Thank you for rattling my soul like a caged bird until I set myself free. I am grateful for the tearing down of the walls I had once built around me. It was a long hard road and now despite the coming darkness of Winter that makes one typically angsty, and aggy as hell I’ll admit, I can almost feel Spring already. In other words, I’ve faced down my shadow self and come up anew. So thanks for all the twists and turns, mini-dramas, Petty Betty fights and general nonsense that made me question the very environment I’ve built for myself.


A Slightly Aggravated and Yet Newly Empowered Boss Witch


This Scorpio Season has been one hell of a season Witches,  and even though we’re days into Sagittarius, I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge what we’ve all been going through lately. Things have been beyond tough, and let’s face it, it almost feels like they’re spraying chemicals into the air to make us all anxious and irritated with one another. Let’s admit that everyone has been feeling on the edge and on high alert. Well get out ya sage, ya palo santo, hide ya kids, get ya lavender, incense, candles, aromatherapy oils whatever you need to calm yourself, acquire it. Let these be the tools we use to keep us chill during this period.

The energy that generates within the onset of tension and anxiety can really cripple the body physically. It comes on strong and persists ruthlessly for hours or days at a time depending on the level of severity. Feelings of nausea, stomach cramping/vomiting/dry heaving, a sense of dread, feeling of headaches/light-headed/dizziness, and muscle weakness are just some of the physical effects these energies can have on the body.


A domino effect begins to happen to the entire chakra system. First, the energy of anxiety and tension mount in the solar chakra. It then begins to flow both up and down in order to reach the system in its entirety. As it moves down a sense of insecurity grows, the feeling of not being safe, it has reached the root and lower chakras, including the hands. From there it flows back up in a pressurized fashion as fear mounts and that energy moves back up through the solar chakra.

Emotions can become topsy-turvy as this scattered energy takes its toll on the heart portion of this system. Some people often experience sharp pains in their chest when experiencing anxiety attacks or periods of acute anxiety/stress in general. The higher heart becomes affected and intention is shifted as it operates now from a position of defense, fear, and anxiety. From this speech becomes inhibited or becomes spontaneously combative in nature as the pressure of this energy shuts down the throat chakra. Often times one will either find that they cannot speak how they truly feel or just not at all. Some people have even experienced having feelings as if their throat is locked in place and could find it difficult to swallow.

This pressurized energy continues to gather strength if not dealt with and thus consumes the third eye and crown chakras cutting us off from our higher self and our soul star chakra.  This is because we must be operating from a place of openness and unconditional love which cannot thrive in an environment of fear, anxiety or prejudice. When this happens the empathetic connection one has with others naturally from these chakras being in good health becomes disrupted and suddenly the energy from others becomes crippling and uncomfortable. The mood becomes thick with irritability and discontent and often others will find themselves in constant argument with one another until the point of isolation.

Fear not though as there are ways to help purge this form of energy and to keep it at bay when shit gets too real for one to handle.  Here’s a list of 3 simple items you can find even at your local chain to get you through:

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt/Mediterranian Sea Salt/Dead Sea Salt

giphy-8.gifOoooh! Salt, salt, salt, salt , salt, salt! Yes, this good ol’ fashioned “salt of the earth” really knows how to kick negative energy and anxiety straight in the tush! Pour some of this thickly in the bottom of your tub or shower as you bath and imagine the negative energy being sucked down through your body towards the salt and as the salt is washed and scrubbed out of the tub, your negative energies flow down the drain and thus your worries and the f*cks you give with it. You can also use this as a shower scrub if you need to move quickly. Just imagine that you are scrubbing off all negative energy that has permeated your person and the thoughts that have been stressing you as of late. If it’s something that needs a resolution ask the Universe for a revelation on how to handle what stresses you most and then clear your mind of worry and doubt. Again as you rinse the salt off of your skin envision the energy that needs to be discarded flows down with it and down the drain.

Side Note: In any ritualized bathing practice it’s always a good idea to have some flower water handy. You can use this to really cleanse off the residual energy remaining in the tub/shower afterward, this is especially important when living in a shared space as it is important to respect the energy of others. So clean up after yourself, both physically and energetically when you’re done. You can also add flower water to your bath to boost its cleansing abilities and even add some drops of it to your scrub, if not then use rosehip oil instead. This has the same effect as flower water.

giphy-9.gif2. Gemstone “Rx”

Get thee to the nearest store that offers gemstones and collect the following:

  • Amethyst, Obsidian (Snowflake or Black), Smoky Quartz, Rainbow Flourite, Purple Flourite, Black Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Selenite, Snow Quartz. These stones are good for filtering negative energy and giving its user the positive flow needed to transmute and keep it pushin! My favorite gemstone sellers at present are Natural Magics and Mantis Minerals, I’ve had the pleasure of having one on one conversations with the owners of these shops and their energy is good which means I know their energy is drawn to the right products and they definitely know their stuff! Check them out if you looking for a set of your own stones.
  • Don’t have stones or money to purchase? That’s what nature is for. For this your cost will be time so make sure you’re ready to spend 30 minutes to an hour of it if need be. Take a moment to meditate, if you’re new to meditation take slow deep breathes through your nose and concentrate on that breath allowing your thoughts to only be focused one breath at a time. Once your mind is clear, project your energy/thoughts outward the energy being one that is a clearing energy, a cleansing energy. Walk along the embankment of the waterway you’ve chosen until a stone in the flowing water stands out to you and grab it, this is your stone. If you do not have access to waterways then you can also look up indigenous trees in your area that have cleansing and protective abilities and utilize the stones that are near or beneath its roots.

giphy-8.gif3. Mantra that Mutha!

When in doubt mantra it out! How does a mantra work? Mantra by a very basic definition is a saying or a phrase that you allow your mind to focus on. It’s the hook to your theme song for life. Get it? Good. You can do this by seeking out quotes you like or literally googling phrases like “mantras to get rid of fear” or “mantras for protection” and use ones that have helped others in the past. I feel like one we could all use right now based on the energy in the air lately is, “I am strong, I am protected, I am guided and I am safe.”

When we tell ourselves that we are strong and protected this eliminates the need to feel fearful and hyper defensive. Knowing that we are being intuitively guided opens us back up to experience our higher self. Stating that we are safe allows us to share our energy and share in the energy of others, we know that we are secure and thus the correct balance of energy begins to flow as it should.

giphy-10.gif4. Nature Bath 

What’s this? A bath in nature? Calm down, it’s basically a walk through nature. But do something different this time instead of walking the usual trail. How about instead of taking the path of everyone else, you walk up the hill or try a different route you haven’t tried before. If you find yourself in a more residential area then perhaps try a different part of the local park you haven’t really sat at before. I acknowledge that there are some who don’t even have that and to them I would say, find the best patch of grass, tree stump or sidewalk tree that resonates with you and spend some time there. Nature is a natural detoxifier of negative energy. It also has properties that increase happiness and levels of peace in a person that spends just a few minutes a day with nature. Try to do this as much as you can when you feel like you’re going to freak out and see how much of a difference it makes.

If you wind up pairing all of these together then congratulations you’re a Witch! Okay, I’m kidding but you are definitely reclaiming your energy and that’s really all that matters here. We’re in a period of personal struggle and transmutation right now because we are all becoming not only aware of personal power but in control of it like never before. Having this much power and being a newb to it just means we’re facing our awkward stage of cosmic growth. Consider it the late middle school phase of spiritual growth. Embrace it! You are coming into your own and this means challenging the “demons” that once plagued you and learning to discern between what is intuitive knowing and what is emotional impulse.

Hang on and stand strong kiddies because 2017 isn’t over yet! We still have a whole month left and with the energy being what it is, who knows what’s in store for us all next!

Until then feel free to comment on how you fight off your anxiety and how you plan on taking your personal power back. Be sure to talk about what you’ve been experiencing lately and how you’re using that energy to transmute it into a force that moves you forward in positivity. I look forward to reading the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe and sign up for the email list!

Tah Witches!


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