Friyay, 17th of November


giphy-2.gifA picture quote from to get our day started because we’ve made it to Friday and I have an excellent reading for all you mystical mavens today! So make sure before you head off anywhere today that you slay your little soul out because today’s vibes are gonna be the best ever! TGIF Witches!!


6 of Cups, Happiness/ I Ching, 58, Lake Above Lake Below, The Joyous Lake



Did somebody say love and happiness?! Hell yassss!! Okay now that we got that out of our system and it’s really feelin like Friday, let’s talk about the imagery on this card.

The bubble and star represent the energy of Aquarius, and it’s ruling house of Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and even Friendships (Aquarius is the humanitarian and lover of humans after all). The 5 pointed star also represents the Goddess and divine feminine energy or receptive energy. Aquarian energy is masculine or projective and therefore this card also represents divine union bringing forth pure joy, the red coloring on the bubble representing the life force energy that springs from it. This divine balance is further represented by the physical placement of the cups themselves, 4 on the left side and 2 or the right. 2 also carries the same energy as the number 6 and represents pure love.

We’ve literally been working our little metaphysical asses off to maintain balance all week and now it’s finally paying off! So let’s take this time to pat ourselves on the back and our friends too for working hard af on themselves this week and not giving up even things got hairy as hell back there!

The general message of this card is love and being loved, balance and peace. All is right with the world at this time and just in the nick of time as this week has left us with quite a lot of experiences and moments of introspection. Just as the card states on the very bottom there is happiness. Take a moment to be thankful for the happy moments you receive today as taking joy in the small things in a humble and noble practice. This adds to the integrity of our personal character as we begin to truly understand it internally and then manifest it in the external realm.

The Joyous Lake, number 58 of the I Ching hexagrams states that joy can enter your life through gentle means, this is really consistent with the energy we’ve been experiencing all week. We’ve been asked all week by Spirit to be patient and understand the concept of small moves help larger moves happen and today we see that come to full fruition. The ripples have finally reached the shore of Hopes and Dreams and all is well with the world at this time.

Looking beyond the cups themselves I see a bright opening between the tall and stable rocks. This to me is symbolic of new and good things coming just beyond our reach but yet they are visible to us. Have you been experiencing moments of clarity where you feel like you can almost touch the goal your reaching, but you know you’re not quite there yet? This is because you are truly nearly there you need only to take a moment to enjoy the smell of the roses and then continue forward rested and ready for the rest of the journey. The energy yesterday dealt with self-care and if you took that advice then it is only fitting now that you celebrate and bask in the joy you created for yourself from that self-care.

Even in hero stories we also see that when the hero is most down someone comes through to save the day (yesterday was a day of service remember?) and in their victory, they enjoy a moment of celebration and joy. They celebrate the rescue and survival of the hero and their future together as a partnership before they head off to face the next enemy or daunting task. So I’ll say it again take the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures.

“I am grateful.” “I am full of peace and happiness.” 

I am full of peace and happiness.” 

These are the mantras for the day because we all know that we may encounter moments where someone or some event is trying to suck the joy out of us but don’t let it. Today is about being happy and letting it all hang out! It’s your day Witch! Don’t let anyone or anything spoil it for any reason whatsoever! Ain’t nobody got time for that negative ass energy! You are stardust baby! If they wanna take your shine you just glow harder on them and give em a supernova! And with that said let’s go ahead and let the star on the cards from now on symbolize the need to glow up on a hater! Today’s energy is beautiful so let’s embrace it! You can either add these mantras to your meditation today or you can just recite them to yourself either in the mirror or just out loud so you can really absorb the energy. The Egyptians say if you speak it, it is so. So talk up some good vibes today!

Be sure to share this with a friend who needs it and comment below what you’re grateful for and come back tomorrow as I present you with a three card reading to get you through your weekend!

Peace, Love & Blessings Tribe!


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