Thursday, 16th of November

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners”  

~ William Shakespeare

Feeling some pressure from the Universe to get there and mingle lately? Maybe read this first before you run off to get involved in playing with others.


IX, Hermit, Yod (Hand), Isla (Ice), Virgo/Reversed

When you just look at the image here it almost seems like the man is letting himself go into the unknown light, falling away from the reality beneath his feet. The wings of the bird behind him seem to stand out more and it’s as if he’s become an ascended angel joining his ancient flock. This card when it’s reversed discusses the need to be involved with others or that you will be regardless of whether or not you initially intended to.

The Hermit reaches up in desperation when reversed as if he’s afraid to be left alone on this planet. The comfort he once found in his isolation and solitude, now becomes his deepest fear. Have you been feeling the need to reach out to others in your group lately or perhaps thinking of coming out of your cocoon at this time? Ask yourself what is the motivation for this? If the answer is fear of loneliness then you still need to do some work on self. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but manifesting anything especially partnerships, marriages, friendships out of fear will only bring you turmoil. Take it from a woman whose lived it, the ish ain’t pretty my lovelies. Don’t be desperate, recognize what you’re lacking, love, attention, etc and give it to yourself directly.

Self-care is a very important exercise that every person must understand and master for themselves as they move throughout life. It is the one thing that will help you center and gather yourself when things are shaky and upside down. If you’re needing love do all of the things for yourself that you wish a partner would do for you. Giving this energy to yourself allows you to open up those vibrations and thus receive them in your life. “Treat yourself!” That’s the motto to live by if you’re feeling the fear of loneliness. Loving yourself is the greatest libration one can experience.

Another meaning of this card when it’s reversed is childish behavior, reacting quickly out of fear can be seen as a childish mechanism because we spend so much of our teenage and adult years trying to the master the art of not being afraid. Children do not train themselves to not feel a certain emotion, they react according to that emotion and nothing else until that emotion itself changes. We’re taught to be fearless either via the experiences we encounter or the people who become our mentors in life. The desensitization process comes as we grow from child to adult. Have you recently experienced a situation where you may have behaved in a childish fashion? Or perhaps you’ve neglected the responsibilities of being “grown up.”If you have, seek to correct this energy. Apologize or take care of any responsibilities that are yours as this is what is needed to maintain our own personal integrity. Integrity is very important as it allows others to trust you and most importantly we begin to trust ourselves and the higher self to make the right decisions that guide us toward ascension. You can participate in some sort of activity in which you are a service to others as this card is ruled by Virgo and thus the house of Service and of Health (hence the whole self-care bit).

Now let’s talk about the rune on this card shall we dears?

When a card is reversed on the Haindl, the rune or associated I Ching likewise becomes inverted and has a different meaning. However, this rune cannot be reversed and therefore no matter upside down or right side up it will always mean the same thing.  The rune represented on this card is Isa, Ice and it’s meaning is that things are paused for the moment, or what was in motion is now put on hold. This is most likely because now that we’re beginning to assess what we must do in the coming hours of the day, it’s as if things do kind of seem to be in suspension. This energy is definitely a continuation of yesterday as we received the same sort of suspended energy. Utilize the energy from the last couple of days to do some self-reflection and self-care. This will help you to remove any emotional blockages and seek your inner truth, another message of this rune.

“Self-care is my savior.” 

Let this be your mantra while you push through your day. I’m sure everyone will be busy being hella productive but take the time to remind yourself of this so when you finally get home, you act on it. The lackluster energy of this week and some of its ups and downs have been really hard on our energy so I’ll say it again…

Get you some self-care! Treat yo self!! Even if you’ve been behaving in a childish fashion, you deserve to have a little TLC. As this might, in fact, help you to stop behaving in this fashion and do what must be done. In the end, the energy from yesterday still carries itself into today and we’re stuck still trying to muddle through it so take care and stay focused out there Witch!

Peace, Love & Blessings Tribe!


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