Wednesday, 15th of November

When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”
― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…


A delicious dish of mantras and divinations to give you the gentle nudge you need to make it through your midweek checkpoint!  Keeping things in the spirit of the last few days I’m going to continue to use the Haindl deck but I will also pull a rune and ask spirit what energy should we be working with today in order to make better use of the energy that surrounds us.

5 of Swords: Defeat,(IChing, /47/Dui Kun/Lake Above Water Below/Oppression)

The I Ching represented here on this card is 47 (2), Oppression. This hexagram discusses the nature of defeat and how one can actually feel smothered by the loss of something important. Without speaking too much on the political climate we can even see how this energy translates to that as well. Things feel hella oppressive at this time and it makes us feel hopeless and helpless like there is no way out. It’s as if everything is shriveling up and dying all around us and there’s no way to stop it…or is there? Have hope Witch because as we’ve been learning all this week the energy is sure to change at will. It’s times like these that the true nature of who we are is being tested, rise to the challenge and endure what you must to make it to the finish line. I believe in you!!

The imagery in this card makes the concept of defeat quite easy to grasp. Blood splatter on the bubble indicates some damage has been done to our hopes and dreams. Things we thought would be one way turn out to be another thing entirely or just didn’t quite make it to what we had personally envisioned. The swords themselves seem to shatter all around the sacred Unicorn, at any given moment one those pieces can penetrate him and end his life.

Swords govern intellect and mental activities, our thoughts have been focused on the failures at present instead of small successes that help motivate us. Perhaps you haven’t had that truly successful moment yet in the way you imagined it, but are you just neglecting the little blessings around you? Taking just a moment to be grateful especially amidst defeat for this is the best motivator to keep you going. Keep in mind that hopes, dreams, and wishes take time to achieve and most of the time they wind up being part of long-term goals. If you look up the story of your favorite famous person, you will most often find out that they too suffered many losses before their dream could be achieved. Take the time out to look one up and connect with their story and see how their struggles are similar to the ones you face at present. Even the world’s most well-known names were unknown for a time. Look at the bubble on the card again, note that although it has been bloodied by its environment it has not popped. Don’t let your dreams pop just because shit got a little bloody ya feel me?

Looking down at the creature you can tell it is in complete distress. It is overwhelmed by all that is clattering down around it and the dangers it faces because of that collapse. You can see the tears streaming from its face as it realizes that it is completely unsure of its fate and it may, in fact, be sealed by the end of the life cycle, death. What is overwhelming you at this time? In what ways did your dreams become tainted and the air taken out of your sails because of it? In what ways did you fail to reach your goal or immediate desire?

Perseverance and a deep sense of knowing that change is coming have been the main energy focuses throughout this week. The number 5 in the tarot represents the changes we face both good and bad in the name of proper balance. Monday we embraced the 4 of this suit, we found a truce and thus we were in balance, understanding the laws of nature and being able to balance and control our environment. But with the energy of 5 we are asked to open up from that stability and embrace its counterpart. Though things are twisting and turning keep it in your thoughts that you are just like the wind, the breeze that ebbs, flows and moves wherever it needs to be. Learning to accept the things that are not within our control actually makes us stronger and more ready to receive abundance from the Universe in the form of change. Think of it like opening up to a new friend. As you two get to know each other and open up the line of trust, love, and communication; you two become bonded and often times the best friend bond is formed allowing an abundance of that same energy to enter both of your lives. Open up and trust that the changes happening in your life are all apart of your journey.

“I accept the changes in my life because I know they are just steps in my journey

I know a whole mouthful right? But with everything going on at the moment is it really so horrible to take literally one minute to breath and say this to yourself? I didn’t think so. If you haven’t left the house yet take a moment for yourself and think happy thoughts! Yassss hunni! Happy thoughts will trigger an endorphin response in our brain that makes us smile and feel energized. Considering the fact that today’s energy is specific about mental activity I find that this exercise is the best practice to counterbalance the defeatist energy of today and keep things on an even keel.

Ain’t nobody got time for that because you’re on the go? It’s understandable, try taking the time when you use the restroom to look into your eyes in the mirror for 10 seconds and then smile. This simple exercise has actually been proven to help improve people’s moods and it is a specific mental exercise so it’s not being induced by anything other than the power of your own beautiful mind.

Moral of the story today dearies, don’t let all of the things that do go wrong ruin the things that go right for you today. That being said let’s see the best way Spirit thinks we should handle this energy.

Odin’s Rune/Blank

giphy.gifThis is literally my favorite rune because it holds the same weight to me as The Magician card in the Major Arcana. Odin’s rune talks about being able to manifest what you will, how you will, and knowing that the power lies within you. Don’t be afraid to steer events in your favor if it doesn’t seem to be going your way at the moment. You have the tools necessary to do so, so do what thou wilt Witch! Such a simple rune to help uncomplicate the energy of today. I’ve placed a personally made rune on top on the blank one to show that another version of this rune has a spiral, the spiral of life meaning that all things are possible, you need only to go with the flow and believe in yourself and the Universe!

Comment below on what methods you’ll be using to combat the energy of today!

Love Peace and Blessing Tribe!





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