Tuesday, 14th of November

“Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happening at all or by everything happening all at once.” – Paul Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone 

“Another day without another dollar”- King Fantastic 

Giving you guys some double quote action today because I really feel like this is the energy that’s in the air right now. As we get closer to the throws and blows of the harsh winter a lot of us are suffering in ways that make it hard for us to pull out of the funks we’re in. But the Universe as always is here to deliver a message of perseverance in the face of adversity, now is not the time to cower in a corner or to let the negative energy that surrounds us, consume us. instasize_171114080958.png

VIII-Strength, Teth (Snake), Sowilo (Sun), Leo

Aaaah good ol’ strength when we need it the most! Can I just say that when I pulled this card I felt a rush of relief myself because it not only speaks of the strength we need to succeed but it reminds us that we actually have it within us!

The number of this card in the Major Arcana is 8 (VIII), the original energy of 8 is divine masculine and divine feminine the two becoming one and interconnected. Masculine energy is seen as projective and feminine as receptive, therefore 8 represents the natural cycle of the Universe; out and in, highs and lows, the good with the bad, positive and negative, the beginning and the end. This is a cycle we are all commonly familiar as we grasp over time concepts about life and death another example of the Universal cycle. At this time life seems as if it is on a decline but it will soon incline just as the lines of the 8 dramatically decrease before they increase, the concave before the convex.

The imagery of this card depicts a woman open but yet in control of both her Kundalini energy and her physical surroundings. Images of the water puddle and the crescent moon remind us to stay connected to our spiritual side and that Spirit itself is watching over us at this time so there is nothing to fear. If we are not fearful than it becomes easier for us to be strong. The snake in the image is long and extends connecting itself with the realm below and the realm above. It also makes contact with all of the chakras including Earthstar, Soulstar, Hands, and Feet chakras. This symbolizes that all of her chakras are both open and connected, she is completely balanced and has in fact reached the seat of the soul. She is a powerful shaman full of vitality and new life as she begins the workings of her ritual.

"The great fire that burns in my belly is my desire to be courageous and persevere through the bullshit.pngIt is the projective masculine energy of Leo that grants her the will and motivation to be strong. Have you ever felt a sudden rush of bravery when you’re scared and felt it come directly from your stomach? That’s because your Solar chakra is being activated by your Root or survival center, it is what we know as the fight or flight response. When we’re scared we feel it in our gut and the anxiety can even make us nauseous. Likewise, when we’re mad and choose to fight back, we feel a fire burning in our belly that wills us to protect ourselves in whatever way is called for at the time. Projective energy itself and the items in nature that possess it can assist in spellwork involving protection, and banishment of negative energies.

A rune rests on the upper right corner of the card, its name, Sowilo, means the Sun. It’s message holds the same energy as the Sun card in the Major Arcana and reminds us that something new lies just on the horizon we need only to continue our path of enlightenment. Stay the course and become connected with all aspects of self.

Be confident today as the ripples of yesterday are now taking their effect. Become the balanced being you truly are for you have a great inner strength, you need only use it. You are a being of love and despite the darkness you face, both within yourself and within others, that you are granted something very powerful, the ability to make choices for yourself. Choose to give love today and it will, in turn, grant you strength. And remember to be both and kind and gentle to yourself as you work things out, and to be kind to others as they too have things to work out.

“Judge less and care more, hug more and shout less.” Let this be your mantra as you go about your day. You can also work with “I am love and I gain strength from that love.” Make sure you remind yourself to say it in moments where you feel slightly down or aggy. I know sometimes that can be hard to do but trust me it is an excellent practice to get into. You would be surprised how many people got saved from a good cussing out because I took one second just to breathe and give myself a quick trigger phrase to adjust my attitude. Happiness and love saves lives so don’t be afraid to spread it even if someone is being nasty to you. Kill ’em with kindness boo!

If you’re a more sensitive type and sometimes you find it hard to put up your “they block” use a good grounding and protecting stone like Obsidian or Smoky Quartz. If you don’t have that handy you could also use Amethyst. Now if all else fails and you can’t even get that, wear black or gray as black is good for protection and gray allows one to move about unnoticed; because real G’s move in silence hunti. Don’t be afraid to protect your majestic microcosm because you wouldn’t be afraid or apologize for protecting yourself from someone who has the flu now, would you? Didn’t think so…moving on.

Remember be strong and carry on that’s the way to be today. You’ve already started to put things in motion, trust that everything is working in your favor and just like the energy of yesterday, success is just around the bend…and don’t be asking me “Witch, where?” because you’re just going to have watch and see!


Peace, Love & Blessings Tribe!



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