Monday, 13th of November

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”- Nelson Mandela 

I’m back everyone! Apologies for being away I had some serious spiritual growth going on in the last couple of months but I’m back now and ready to get our day started with a tarot card of the day! Today’s card comes from the Haindl deck, a personal favorite of mine because it’s multicultural and reads very similarly to an oracle deck.

instasize_171113114103.png4 of Swords: Truce, (I Ching,24, Kun Zhen, Earth Above/Thunder Below, Return/Returning) 

The main energy here which is symbolized by the white feather is a truce. Waiving the white flag as it were in order to achieve a certain type of peace for all is prevalent at this time. Know that seeking peace and equality is far more important that separatism or superiority as these ideologies do not allow us to move in love and love is the universal law for all.


Larimore_24.jpgIn the I Ching Oracle this card represents the number 24 (6), it is the Earth Above and Thunder Below hexagram which represents returning to peace and stability. Things can and will get better despite the loud booming thunder, try not to get too distracted by the noise, for it too shall pass. It also speaks about success that comes after one seeks to establish a balance. If it’s time to recharge your energy then do so now. In what ways have you been lacking? Seek to correct these imbalances at this time and this will usher in the right energies that will bring joy and abundance to you.

It is important at this time to truly understand what balance means to you personally. Do not concern yourself with the affairs of others as there is no need when things are in an armistice as even the opposition is choosing to seek out their own peace.  The swords here are evenly split parallel to one another and suspended in the air as if two are slowly rising as the other two seem to fall towards the Earth. Although this motion does not make immediate sense as parallel lines always move with one another in either direction; it is safe to say that this does represent the cycles of Nature and the Universe.

“As above, so below,” “Death and renewal,” “Out with the old and in with the new,” are all phrases that come to mind when dealing with this particular card. These are the mantras that we need to adopt at this time in order to make the best of this peaceful period. Although things seem as if they are moving in slow motion, just as the leaf slowly falls to the ground, know that this motion is more like ripples in a pond. This seemingly small and slow-moving action will actually produce considerably larger waves in the pond later on that will, in turn, reach the shoreline of your hopes, wishes, and dreams.

The energy of the number 4 can be best described as the whole of nature as there are 4 elements not including Spirit itself. Commune with nature today, meditate with each of the elements, (air, fire, earth, and water) and this will help you to achieve an instant balance. As you vibe out with the elements, ask Spirit, “What steps should I be making at this time to better achieve my goals and sense of self?” Take note of what comes to you during these meditations so you can come back to it later on whenever you need that little bit of motivation.

To best utilize this energy today, write down the goals you’d like to reach in order to improve both your spiritual connection and day-to-day living in the next 4 months. This allows us to utilize the energy of Air in this card (writing is a form of communication,) and the energy of the number 4. Planning is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves when we’re asked to slow down and take things one day at a time. When we write down our goals, hopes, and dreams we begin the manifestation process. Be sure to really visualize and see yourself already achieving the goal as you write each one down as this will further assist in your manifestations.

For those who have some tarot cards handy take the day to connect with your own 4 of Swords card and take notes on how the energy you feel today ties with the energy of the card, consider this an exercise in interconnectedness. You can keep it in your pocket throughout out the day if you’re really busy and type a few notes on your notepad app on your phone as you go. If you have more time on your hands then do the meditations as suggested above, keeping the tarot card with you and adding its energy into your elemental meditations.

Make sure that you come back and check in with your goals list every month to see how well you’re doing. Once you reach the 4th-month mark go back and see if you’ve managed to achieve what’s on your list. Don’t be ashamed or beat yourself if you didn’t get everything accomplished keep in mind that trying is better than doing nothing and it’s about progress, not perfection.

Remember, this card is all about doing things in slow motion which requires us to be extremely patient but it will be well worth the reward, success is just off in the distance!

Be sure to comment below on how you plan to use today’s energy and be sure to come back for your daily dose of divinatory goodness!

Peace, Love & Blessings Tribe!


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