Tha Snatch & the Terrible Tower

Welcome to “Tha Snatch” where Spirit and I conspire to help a Witch take note of specific energy that should be focused on at this time. The current energy at the moment is that of The Tower, (p.s. I will always use major arcana in “Tha Snatch” as I would prefer to focus on the shit we really need right now).


XVI (16, 7) 

This card’s number is 16 but its association in numerology and angel numbers is 7. This deals with being protected and that one is on the right path, to forge ahead despite worries because everything is happening for the better. I know that’s hard to believe when we’re staring at this intimidating image but the number association gives you a secret hint that everything will be okay despite the shocking scenario.


The rune to the right of it is Algiz, it means Spirit Guides, it also symbolizes protection and an incoming positive influence. This rune also speaks of making it through your troubles with the help of Spirit, the two working together to achieve a successful outcome.


The Hebrew letter to the left of it is “Phe” or “mouth” and it symbolizes an opening or entrance, to command, speak, a new beginning as well as the present itself. In practical magic, this letter is a symbol of hope and the art of speaking to the Gods. It speaks of how the magician can utilize this skill at any time, the choice is theirs.  If you can speak to the Gods and the higher self then surely it’s because they’re on your side to see you through your highest and deepest desires of self. The ones that elevate your spirit and advance you along the journey, yet another message that you are being protected despite the appearance of a breakdown.

The Tower itself is often associated with a few meanings, on one hand, it could mean the shattering of one’s former beliefs, the breaking of an old style of thinking and behaving. On the other, it can mean destroying or destruction of a foundational system that does not work because it was built on false ideals and a dsyfunctional systems that don’t work.


20170828_114907_HDR.jpgLook closer, beyond the eye shattering scene of lightening and walls cracking. There are thousands of flags scattered about each with a separate representation or style of beliefs associated with it. To me, this suggests that you really are not set in a belief system, to begin with as there are too many things to which you choose to subscribe to and add to your foundation. However, in this scene, the flags appear to be cluttered, chaotic and wavering in a way that seems like a quick abandoning of beliefs over time as you moved along your levels of experience.

There is nothing wrong with being open minded to the beliefs of others but in order for one to experience a deeper level of integrity and strength, one must develop a more stable belief structure that one can follow. Building from a foundation like this will provide more stability for the what future events may come. The lightening here isn’t really lightening at all but appears as a firey ball of light that has demolished the windows and walls of the Tower leaving everyone in it scattered and in a panic. It even gives off an appearance of lava and element in nature that we know can destroy but once cooled a new and richer earth is emerges and the land becomes more fruitful.


Mars stands at the base of this card, it is associated with the solar chakra. There may be a loss of nerve or energy as you realize your foundations are crumbling, fear not, because keep in mind you are also being protected as this shattering experience or new revelation of self-has come to pass. This is happening to make a better way for you that is beyond what you had imagined and built previously for yourself.

Helpful Tips:

Keep this affirmation in mind while working with the energy of this card…

"Let my will and courage be channeled in my solar chakra as I release my fears, insecurities, and doubt of self.".png



20170827_154823_HDR-1Citrine is my favorite crystal associated with the Sun and solar energy! Use it to help during mediation of your solar chakra, you can also wear yellow, burn lemongrass incense and drink lemon and filtered water or lemon tea. Combining all of these together is sure to give you a pleasant experience and leave your solar chakra feeling recharged.



If you are looking to boost your courage, will, and channel solar energy then try this.

Just an F.Y.I. the energy of the planets can really have an effect on our spiritual growth and energy, see what this week has in store for your energy here.

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