Planetary Activity Aug 27- Sept 2

Last week was pretty heavy on all of us with all of those transits and it seems like most of the issues were ones regarding the heart, sacral and solar chakra but we did get a reprieve when Saturn went direct helping us to start getting our shit together.

Oh, the Universe and its divine timing…


With all of this focus on responsibilities and getting our lives togetha, it couldn’t be a more perfect way to get like Virgo and pay attention to the little things as much as the big picture and get more in touch with our practical sides. Like they always say, “The Devil is in the details” and rolling into harvest season we know it’s time to start surveying our works and take advantage of any time we have left to make changes as we begin seeing what we may be bringing with us into the New Year.


Sunday, August 27

Mars conjunct North Node

giphy.gifChakras Being Activated: Solar, Heart

Mars is the other ruler of the solar chakra besides the Sun itself and this conjunction with the North Node concerns the energy of the Moon. Protect yourself today as you make your way through several possibly bloody situations regarding your feelings and the feelings of others at this time. On a side note if you are making choices of decisions out of fear or ego or people pleasing these issues will boil up to the surface at this time. So be easy with all the heavy decision making today and just relax, this energy won’t last for long. You could also use this energy to focus on your passion for helping others be it in your immediate home or local community. The will to love is stronger than the will to fight use this energy wisely.

Survival Method:

Incense: Ylang Ylang, Peppermint

Herbal Blends: Ginger, Rose Hips

Gemstones: Yellow Jasper, Sunstone (solar), Moonstone, Green Tourmaline (heart)

Jupiter sextile Saturn
giphy.gifChakras Being Activated: Root, Feet, Hands, Crown

Saturn went direct on the 25th and it’s happy partnership with the lucky ass Jupiter gives us some Wheel of Fortune vibes as we are able to find wealth and expansion in the areas of our higher selves, our foundations and our creativity as Saturn rules the chakras of the root, feet and hands and Jupiter is the el’ captain of the crown. Expansion in these areas will do wonders for us as what we cultivate in these areas will grow exponentially at this time allowing us to reap hella rewards for all of the hard work we’ve been putting involving security, family, stability, spirituality and what we physically create in this world. Make sure you’ve been putting in that werk otherwise you might miss this opportunity. Since this is a harmonious transit now is a good time to work out any issues you’re having with these chakras and take the time out to connect with your higher self and establish a better connection as the energy of expansion in these areas will still affect you regardless of your current status of energy.

Survival Method:

Incense: Sandalwood, Geranium

Herbal Blends: Lavender, Sage

Gemstones: Ruby, Garnet (root/feet/hands), Herkimer Diamond, Rainbow Flourite (crown) Yellow Sapphire (associated with Jupiter and crown)


Tuesday, Aug 29

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

source-4.gifChakras Being Activated: Heart, Sacral, Crown

It’s a great time to utilize the energy of expansion and grand ideas that have been in your heart for a long time, you know those big dreams you’ve been yearning for? Those deep down desires you’ve had boxed up for a while? Let ‘em loose hunni! Now is the time as the first quarter moon is perfect to expressing the smaller projects and ideas you’ve got going on and connecting it with your higher self to allow the Universe to conspire with you to create success. Make sure that these dreams and desires you wish for are truly from the heart as that is the main energy that is being focused upon at this time, because anything phony you push out in intention will come back three times as fake, so don’t play ya self!

Survival Method:

Incense: Rose, Frankincense

Herbal Blends: Jasmine, Hibiscus, Star Anise

Gemstones: Green Aventurine, Emerald (heart), Carnelian, Citrine (sacral), Selinite, Amethyst (crown)


Saturday, Aug 31

Mercury enters Leo

giphy.gifChakras Being Activated: Throat, Ears, Solar

Watch ya mouf as shit could get real if you accidentally speak fire out and burn the whole place down just because you got your little ego feelings hurt. Take this energy and do something good with it by utilizing it to speak confidence and energetic life into your goals and aspirations. Leo can be a generous and giving energy as well so make sure you are generous with your words when you are interacting with others. Mercury is a communication planet and that definitely involves how we communicate with others in the world as much as it means how we choose to communicate with ourselves. Speak kind words to yourself and each other. Keep in mind that if you speak ill of yourself and of others or if you accept ill words spoken by others that this damages your sense of will, your solar chakra and that is not something you want to become damaged. This is a very powerful chakra and it helps to give us that get up and go we need to push ourselves to the limit to reach our dreams so don’t let it get all gummed up with negativity and cease to function properly. Likewise, let’s not bash others or participate in malicious gossip that could hurt others in this area as well, remember we are all one and what actions or words your speak against another you are speaking and acting against yourself. That’s facts kid!

Survival Method:

Incense: Myhrr, Lemon Grass

Herbal Blends: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Edlerflowers

Gemstones: Blue Sodalite, Blue Topaz, (throat/ears), Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye (solar)


Friday, September 1st

Mars quincunx Chiron

giphy.gifChakras Being Activated: Solar, Hands

Pay attention to this one as the energy can be unpredictable with a quincunx and it is itself an intense transit. Try not to fall into selfish shit that only satisfies the temporary needs of the ego as you are prone to that kind of behavior at this time. The hands can also deal with creativity and physical manifestation so we should be using the healing energy of Chiron and the hand chakras to heal what ails us and work on ourselves. If we find ourselves immersed in self-serving behavior let it be for that reason and not for appeasing the ego or defending our swollen pride. Use this energy to try a little self-care care and as getting into it with people might result in the use of hands if you feel what I’m saying. Take it easy, take it slow and you’ll make it through.

Surivival Method:

Incense: Cedar, Bergamot

Herbal Blends: Cloves, Cinnamon

Gemstones: Pyrite, Gold Ruitilated Quartz (solar), Hematite, Smoky Quartz (hands)


Saturday, September 2nd

Mars trine Chiron

giphy 1.08.45 PM.gifChakras Being Activated: Solar, Hands

A day of healing comes our way and gives us, even more, energy to work with as we push ourselves through our healing processes. This energy will be far more beneficial than the previous transit. So if you are still struggling in your healing process or you have only just begun, get excited because this energy is sure to really help you out! But if you feel like you are healing then keep doing it! The more you heal, the more you can help others who are struggling with this process as you will not only understand what it feels like but you will have the energy to do so. Focus on activities that foster a little TLC and give you a boost of confidence. Remember to keep your eyes on the prize by focusing your will and energy on healing.

Survival Method:

Incense: Cedar, Sandalwood

Herbal Blends: Chives, Lemon Grass

Gemstones: Yellow Jade, Tiger Iron (solar), Snowflake Obsidian, Bloodstone (hands)


This week’s energy is sure to be really good at boosting our current thought of ourselves and transforming us to more positive, loving and healing beings and who fully accept those around us and ourselves. Keep in mind what you put out into the Universe you get back so keep ya head up and stay strong!




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