Liquid Courage: A Potion Spell

Aaaah yes who doesn’t love a good potion am I right? Don’t like the term? Say, “tonic” then doesn’t matter, either way, this little bottle of joy will surely bring out the courage you’re looking to muster at the right time.



This potion activates the will and courage energy inside of your solar chakra. Be sure to use consecrated materials (allowing each to interact with the elements) and charge your gemstone in the sun before beginning.

Witch’s Pantry:

1 small cup or mug

1 amber glass bottle with lid

Filtered water

3 teaspoons of Lemon juice

1 tea bag or herbal tea of choice (mine is a ginger tea as ginger is associated with the sun and solar chakra)

1 gemstone:

Mica, Gold Rutilated Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Sunstone, Yellow Calcite, Citrine, Gold Topaz, Yellow Jasper (make sure the stone can fit inside of the bottle)


Begin by consecrating your items and charging your stone in the sun, the charging should take an hour if you are in a rush the bare minimum should be 30 minutes. Be sure that the stone is clean, as you will be placing this in the mixture that you’re going to drink. While this is happening take some filtered water and allow your tea to steep inside of it in a separate cup.


Once everything is prepared you can begin by calling your quarters and casting yourstarppmm.gif protected circle. From there call whom you’re affiliated with and lift the amber glass jar in your right hand and your gemstone in your left. Ask earnestly for the courage and will to deal with the issue you are facing, please be sure to be specific about your need(s). Request that the courageous and willful energy of the gemstone flow into you and stimulate your will to provide you with courage itself to see the event or task through to successful completion. Feel some of the energy of the stone pull into your left hand and then place it inside of the amber bottle.


Next, fill half of the bottle with tea then add your 3 teaspoons of lemon juice. As you add source 11.20.12 AM.gifthese items visualize a warm yellow light filling the bottle itself and charging it with solar goodness! Once complete place the lid on top and turn the bottle clockwise three times visualizing the yellow light once more.

Close your quarters and open your circle then place your bottle in the Sun one last time allowing it to be charged by it. After an hour remove your bottle from the Sun and drink the potion. Keep the gemstone with you until you have done what you need to do. You may continue to use this stone in times of needed courage or when you feel you’ve lost your nerve just be sure to recharge it and cleanse it every now and again in the Sun.

Feel free to tweak this recipe if your intuition calls for it and remember, magic doesn’t work if you don’t feel it deep down and believe that it can, so trusting your intuition is important in the magical process.


Cheers Witches!



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